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In New York, a young boy Cameron lives with his mother Lindsey who is divorced from her husband alcoholics Day. One night, Cameron hears noises in the kitchen and is attacked by the homeless. But he manages to accidentally kill a homeless man, breaking his neck. Vatican Chancellor Camilla then to invite scientists doctor Ember, in order to Cameron who turns out to be possessed by demons. Dr. Ember has the ability to get into the subconscious mind of the possessed people, and bring them back to reality using very dangerous procedure with the help of his colleagues Oliver and Riley. When visiting Cameron Ember, he realized that the boy was possessed by the demon Maggie, who killed his wife and son in a car accident. Will Dr. Ember succeed in destroying Maggie and save the small Cameron?


Initially, it will be many seem as if this movie a big mix of “The Exorcist” and “Insidous”, and as that is just one of the many products of modern horror movies. But no matter how decisive was the fact that you will hate this movie, it you simply will not allow, but will prove to be a very entertaining and quite good. Although it could definitely be a lot smoother and a better, meatier story, after you look at it you will certainly want to see the continuation of that promise.

Perhaps the biggest surprise that will welcome you when you watch this film is that, despite its central idea, which consists of a mix of various popular horror movies, it actually no problem can stand on its own and it just works. Although the story of the film definitely has flaws, and looks as if it could have been much more elaborate, the final product does not rely on cheap tricks or intimidating a totally complicated mythology in order to function. Instead, “Incarnate” opens the door to very interesting opportunities in the future, while providing high-quality and unique story that will be shared among the fans of this genre.

Ultimately, the success of this film lay on the shoulders of Aaron Eckhart and supporting actors who are with him. Although all actors are perfectly good in their respective roles, Eckhart is definitely the heart of the cast, and we are pleased to say that we are not at all disappointed. His character Seth passes already known by the hero who must repay its debt, and there was a strong possibility that this role falls into very wrong hands someone who had totally ruined. But Eckhart was from Dr. Ember really did a three-dimensional character as we would any writer wished, and he added just as many decorations as it was necessary to cover any deficiencies in the foundations.

Although “Incarnate” no way we would call a perfect film, it still represents a very entertaining film that could mark the beginning of a new horror franchise, which will easily fail to bring viewers into theaters by its tip. Yes, the first part is quite awkward, and it seems like something unfinished, rough around the edges and undeveloped. But anyway we recommend that you look at, because it truly is a new, original voice in horror films to fans of this genre offer any perspective for a long time we did not have a chance to see.

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