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Investigating the murder of the family, sheriff Sheldon and his team remain astonished to discover bodies of foreigners in the basement, that simply does not fit into the scene of the murder. He took the dead body of the beautiful Jane Doe and led by Tommy Tilden coroner, of which prompted him to reveal the cause of her death until the morning so that he could provide some answers to curious journalists. Tommy’s son and assistant Austin is ready to go to the movies with his girlfriend Emma, but eventually decides to stay and help his father with the post. These stormy and tragic night, the two of them will discover numerous ghostly secrets related to Jane Doe.


This new supernatural thriller André Øvredal explores ice, the truth that is hidden in the horror of death, much better than anyone else made of Lucio Fulci in the 80’s. The film stars an excellent actor Emile Hirsch and grand Brian Cox as a father and son who is just about to finish its work, which involves cutting human flesh and breaking bones to help them determine the cause of death of the deceased. But at that moment they meet a new body, which will bring them many fears, but also reveal much more.

Before we get to the story, it should be said how carefully and masterfully Øvredal, writers Richard Naing and Ian B. Goldberg, and finally the actors themselves, built a relationship between these two men. Their dialogue truly looks real, but their relationship long-lasting and concrete. Tensions and past troubles are clearly seen in their communication, without the need that we have to draw to understand. This is truly a very sophisticated job, with a lot of style, grace and refusing standard tropes.

For the first hour, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” might be one of the scariest movies you’ve ever seen. Especially if you dare to do while you are at home and in bed, in total darkness. The nerves will certainly be so restless that you just have to here and there to take a break, turn on the lights and go drink a glass of water. Even if you no longer have films that may cause such a fear in you, trust us, this is a completely different beast. Unfortunately, during the last half hour, this movie is pretty weak and becomes a simple standard. Is it really so sought scenario, or this was a nervous oil producer, we do not know, but the fact is that the film in this part becomes much more boring, but things are starting to explain the usual way. We will not reveal exactly what happens, but we believe that your opinion about the end of the film to be fairly divided. Some will respond, while others will spoil the whole movie.

But regardless of whether you sit denouement of the film or not, it is simply impossible to show full power of this film, especially its first part. When he decides to intimidate you, you have nowhere to run, you will have no excuse, but you will remain stunned and terrified to the bone. And today, when horror films coming out the bar and trying to use various techniques to bring us something new, although anyone to not get out of hand, we have to take my hat off to director Øvredal. Indeed we hope that this man has much more to show.

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