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Winfried fail often enough to see his daughter Ines employed. He had a surprise visit to Bucharest, where she is busy working as a strategist large companies. His visit fails, because Winfried, who is a great rogue, constantly irritates his daughter his battered his humor and ridicule her routine corporate lifestyle. Due to poor relationships, Winfried decides to return home to Germany. But at this point comes into play Toni Erdmann – Winfried glittering alter-ego. Cloaked in shabby clothes, strange wig and false teeth, Tony managed a break in Ines working circuit, posing as a “teacher of life” its director. Toni is not at all refrain in his role, and Ines decides to confront him. In all this madness, Ines will slowly realize that her father truly deserves a place in her busy life.


This movie is definitely the funniest, the most capable German three-hour comedy you’ll see this year – a very touching story about a father and daughter who actually goes beyond standard genres. Written and directed by Maren Ade ( “Everyone Else”), this movie was written as a farce – a false identity, chance encounters, surprising nudity – but, with its 162-minute duration, obviously not timed as farce. Combined with frequent, an jokes, this is a gentle story about irreparable, or sympathetic father who takes care of his little girl unhappy employee.

Ines Conradi (Sandra Hüller) works as an international business consultant, and her new position in Bucharest, Romania. Unannounced, enters her life her father to visit her, at the same time it entertaining and irritating with her crazy improvisations in the role of Tony Erdmann, business consultant and life teacher who Somehow managed to connect with all the clients with whom Ines cooperates.

Without falling into the typical sentimental Hollywood clichés where tense professional learns how to relax in the presence of a hassle (irresponsible) clowns, silly Ade explores the dynamics between Winfried Ines and with great dedication. Peter Simonischek, cheerful, physically neglected and arrogant, has a certain glow in their eyes when mixed in the life of his daughter. Sandra Hüller, serious in his role as the important business women (but also very relaxed when they finally decide to leave), perfect is his feelings of resentment.

It is not surprising that this film seems a little too long, with its length of 162 minutes. It is a rare film that does not have an epic story, and it takes this long. However, although it is very long, we could not find any scene for which we strongly argued that it had to be cut from the final version of the film. There is no side-story or tangents, no extraneous characters. This movie is just a little too good, like when you watch a complete season excellent series, although you might see only one or two episodes. Nevertheless, we must admit that is surprisingly good, and very welcome refreshment from the typical Hollywood films of this type. Do not let the term scare you, but to simply relax and enjoy its truly touching moments.

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Watch Toni Erdmann online trailer (2016)

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