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For years now we have been living in the world of series, which have won the complete market of film content, and thus the number of them is constantly increasing. That’s how much all the filmmakers like us, so much has their dark side – almost, and industrial punching of new series. There is a constantly growing number and you just have no idea what to look at before. So I resorted to a brutal filter – watching the pilot and the immediate elimination of those who did not buy me at first sight. Unfortunately, that’s why I might neglect some good series, which only come up later and be great, but what to do. Nevertheless, although there are a lot of those who quickly fall out, there are quite enough of those worth the attention. Such is one surely American Gods.

Shaw’s Mun (Ricky Whittle) is a small criminal who will soon be released from prison. His release comes a few days earlier due to the sudden death of his wife Lora. He finds out that his best friend was killed in the same accident. On the way home he encounters more than an intriguing Ian McShane. He’s hiring him to be his bodyguard. At the burial itself, Shadow finds out no pleasant details about the deaths of the two people he cares most about. After that, he moves on an adventure where he will see and find out things that overcome his craving dreams and dreams.

American Gods comes from two Bryan Fuller – Michael Green. We know the fuller from the Star Trek, Heroes and Hannibal series, and Green has worked on many famous series and films (Alien Covenant, Green Lantern, Logan, etc.) This time, we decided to show the adaptation of the popular novel American Gods, by Nile Gaiman . I did not read the book, so I fully enjoyed discovering all the noise of both the book and the series. The series had all the preconditions I liked = a well-known literary template, proven good authors and a casting team, led by the old genius  Ian McShane. All my hopes and expected preconditions quickly proved completely justified.

The story itself is completely wacky. One of those who will not like many, because it strikes everything that is sacred to you and in the series is shown completely open. The episode in episode echoes explicit scenes of sex and violence. The blood is up to the knee, the dead rise, and what many may dissuade is the display of the many gods of various world religions. You have certainly not seen this kind of display. One thing is certain, the story is there to shock at all levels, to strike at all your beliefs and attitudes without any hesitation, whether you like it or not.

Regarding the atmosphere and the appearance itself, one visual style immediately comes to mind, when we already had the opportunity to look at Hannibal. The technically perfect image and effects are stroked by extremely strong and dark tones, making the world somehow darker, more sinister, cold, despite some fantastic scenes and photography. Such was Hannibal, who visually impaled every cadre, and this is exactly what the American Gods do. On top of that, you get an excellent soundtrack and get a true audio-visual treat, as an ideal backdrop for all the possible and impossible things that are taking place in front of your eyes.

In order to perform something unusual this way, you need to have a great team, and American Gods is definitely there. Of course, the most beloved and always great is Ian McShane, who interprets Mr. Wednesday . You do not need to waste your word,but it is enough to say that it is at its standard level. It is very successfully followed by  Ricky Whittle in the role of Shadow Muna and it can be said that he is the main character of the whole story, but not in the classical sense. He is known to us from the The 100 series, and here he really took the role of the Moon and looks really great in the same. There is also a whole play of great characters and actors who give each one a specialty to the series. Emily Browning as Lora, Pablo Schreiber as Between Swine, Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, Gillian Anderson as Media, Peter Stormare as Czernobog, etc. There are really many great actors and crazy characters they play.

Eight episodes, as many as the first season, are just an introduction to the story. There are many characters and everything that happens. Many flashbacks in the past, those close and distant, with little stories about the gods. All this needed to be packaged well and connected, and again put into the format of the serial program, which should be exciting and attention. It can be freely stated that the creators succeeded in each item and I hope that the obvious quality of the series will also come to the audience’s good response, i.e. That he would not experience the fate of Hannibal, in spite of the quality of his eyes, to be canceled.

American Gods in hyper production series brings the one that stands out for all its attributes. A superb production, atmosphere, a shocking shock at all levels and a phenomenal acting team should be more than a reference for watching this series. It has brought me hours of movie enjoyment, and I hope it will. If nothing else, you did not look at something like this before, we’ll see if the risk with content and display of the same is paid off. I hope so.

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Watch American Gods online trailer

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