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Denis Villeneuve is a Canadian author who has in recent years become sounding name of world cinema, the simple fact that there is no bad film in his career. He drew the attention of the project Incendies, and with each new film has received increasing confidence of producers. Following the success of Prisoners and Sicario, Danny came into a situation that can literally choose what to record.

According to him, for a long time he wanted to devote himself to a sci-fi project, but did not come across material that will interest you. Of course, it was suggested scenarios, but in no could not stay true to his style, which deals with the darker side of human nature. Over the producers met with a short sci-fi story Story of Your Life, which was immediately interested, but because of her other projects did not have time to adapt the script. Fortunately, screenwriter Erik Heiser has long been a ready text and with minor changes Villeneuve , formed the basis for the film Arrival.

After the arrival of the twelve mysterious spacecraft, one of which landed in the territory of the United States, has assembled an elite team of experts is trying to make contact with them. Among them is Luis Banks (Amy Adams), an expert on language, which has its own methods to attempt to communicate, and all monitors suspicious Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker). The military insists on the essential and rapid responses in fear of global war, and Luis, in collaboration with physicist Ian Donnelly  (Jeremy Renner), decided on drastic steps that could endanger her life, but the entire civilization.

This movie intrigued me because it comes from the typical mold of films dealing with aliens, in which they, as a rule come to enslave us or destroyed, and people heroically defend their planet from the invaders (Independence Day, War of The Worlds …). Instead of invasion or war, aliens are coming to help us or understand us, without intending any conflict. I think that the attempt of communication and understanding of aliens much more interesting and intriguing concept for a movie, instead of a mere intention or need to kill it.

I realize the importance of linguistics does not sound spectacular that brought out all the action, but in this film, everything about it works really fascinating. The bizarre methods of communication space creatures are very interesting, a team attempts to decipher them are exciting and quite tense. One of the characters says that understanding the language shapes the way of thinking, and how moving away from decrypting so they conclude that these aliens term time perceived differently, which is reflected in the symbols of which they are composed sentences. In addition to the primary fence, which is due to a mysterious alien and a little cold, the film is a pervasive to involving Luis, and her daughter, but the story is very humane and emotional.

 Denis Villeneuve was again up to the task. Unobtrusive and subtle dramatic introduces us to a world where one wrong decision or error in interpretation can mean disaster. He stayed true to his style, which includes accentuation somewhat gloomy atmosphere, the slower pace of action and a series of authentic and somewhat disturbing explicit personnel without too much detail. This time it is used and visually-enhanced CGI effects exclusively in the service of the story, not to achieve a wow feeling. Carefully keeping the camera portrays every important segment and provides a suitable character to every detail. The director and the film cooperates with Icelandic composer Johan Johansson, who is in charge of the music section.

There is an evident influence of several well-known sci-fi movies. First of all I think of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which also deals with the exercise of contact and communication with aliens. The difference is that in this film achieves a contact to the spiritual way, whereas here the emphasis placed on the tongue. Also, 2001: A Space Odyssey must be mentioned. Mysterious flying objects rather reminiscent of the famous monoliths from the film, a certain scene reminiscent of Kubrick’s masterpiece.

However, Arrival is not without flaws. The most bothered me was when a group of soldiers unprovoked significant effect on the entire action in the film, and their actions I was more sci-fi than the arrival of aliens. A few hours after watching I came to the conclusion that the method of writing English words marker at a piece of white plastic is not the best way to communicate with ice cream, but well, I’m not an expert as Mrs. Banks. He was not able to avoid the traditional China and Russia first rattle of weapons. Also, in addition to the character of Luis Banks everyone else act a bit unnecessary – it would not have noticed that they are not in the film.

Amy Adams is the queen of the Oscar season and for years ejects one good film. This provides a stable performance and is itself almost the entire film – her character is calculated at times, while at times extremely sensitive. With this role and a role in the film Nocturnal Animals would be a real miracle that circumvent the film earned awards. Character Jeremy Renner supplies the film a sense of humor and does nothing towards

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