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When you mention the films from South America, the vast majority of the first association glossy Ricardo Darin. Of course, the law, because he is perhaps the best live, and with it the most recognizable actor from that area, but I would not be me I do not have any other favorites. Leonardo Sbaraglia and Pablo ECAR (completes the trio Eduardo Noriega) are jokers from my shirt, shiny Argentine actors who prefer to watch, even from Darin and his films. They have already performed together (Burnt Money), and of course their new film project could not go without me, at least not on this site, certainly to my great joy.

The story follows paraplegics Hoakuina (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a computer engineer by profession, who after a terrible family tragedy withdrew into himself and to his large house. He spends his days working in his basement, and the only company he says his elderly dog ​​Kastamiro, whose days are numbered. After it reaches a final warning prior to eviction for nonpayment of bills, is forced to take in boarders. On the floor of the house is moving in a young single mother Berta (Clara Lago), a dancer at a strip club, and her six year old daughter, Betty, who suddenly stopped talking. With the two of them at home, Joaquin is slowly waking from a depressive lethargy in which he fell. One day, while working in the basement, he heard noises from a neighboring building that attract him. He does listen to them every day more and intriguing way to discover the details, which is not even suspected ….

Believe me, even though you may think I found a lot in the synopsis, it is only a fraction of the beginning of the story. As well as being impressed by the film exhibition, equally thrilled me, and the story itself. It is equally broken down into several components factor aka, running and revealing gradually and in parallel with the film itself, and connecting these parts, the film gets more and more sense. The film does not lack is not voltage is not dynamic in action, but I have to mention that the other half is a lot faster than the first, because things are starting to crystallize. Although the film lasts almost two hours, you have the feeling that takes so much because of the intrigue of the story took over the plot of the film and keeps you intrigued enough.

The director of the film is relatively unknown Argentine Rodrigo Grande, and wrote the screenplay for this film. He has a dozen titles, natural sounds on Latin American market, and with this crime thriller is trying to break through to the international film market. In my opinion it is unsuccessful because the film is above all a very interesting and intriguing and constantly pulls you more. Fixed all items of a film of the story, through the atmosphere and music, to the actors, almost to perfection, and the effective end of the film is merged, namely successfully scored – linking in a very appealing way, the same place from the very beginning (one of the initial stage).

Of course, to be perfectly honest, the movie itself primarily looked for actors, namely the two main actors, who (oddly) in the film are the other parties. Leonardo Sbaraglia was faked so. positives, while Pablo eCare villain, and both were great in their rolls around. In the introduction I mentioned where I noticed these actors, but Leonard was still watching and Wild Tales, El Rey de la Montaña and some other films that are not so sound. His Joaquin is very well written and, not to mention how it acted, and the only thing that bothered me in his life and work is exactly what is paraplegic. Limited, somewhat incapacitated, yet capable, smart, resourceful. A little here and almost gone too far gone to sci-fi, but who will know why in the end it turned out well.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I watched Pablo before in one series, imagine even 220 episodes. It is some Argentine series, which aired on a local channel, and each episode I eagerly awaited. Of course, it is as a young man, but his charisma and the voice rose up remembered, so I escorted and some future film project after this series. Pablo’s character not mentioned in the synopsis, so I will not here about it, I leave you to make sure how much I’m right. Among the other actors, and they were all on the level, also mention the veteran Argentine Michael Caine, Federico Luppi, which with minimal playing time giving acting lessons to others. When you go to the IMDb, dig Pan’s Labyrinth, Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone and other great movie titles that are associated with his name.

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