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Dr Stephen Strange  as Benedict Cumberbatch is a respected neurosurgeon, one of the best, top experts, but also quite pompous, without respect for his colleagues and the work of others. Through life flying in a balloon of endless ego and not by excessive concern for others, but not for people who cleared. More important to him is the perfect record of successful cases, and to choose one that works. Success, and glory are what only interested. Accordingly, thinking that his life, and he is one of those high on the hog, which involves an expensive apartment, a car, clothes and everything else.

One evening, as he had run in his valuable the car, going to another meeting where his speech will impress everyone with their success, he loses control and landing in a ravine. An accident survives, but with catastrophic consequences, at least when it comes to him. In this accident loses its power, ie. ability to operate because his hands were injured with no hope of recovery. Stephen will then give you everything you have looking for a way to regain their power. This path will eventually lead to Katmandu, where you can find something you never believed or wanted to believe, but there lies your only hope …

Decision Marvel movie to be entrusted into the hands of  Scott Derrickson was the right decision. Scott is a director and screenwriter whose sci-fi, the occult, magic and holy terror normal environment in which it works perfectly. He has several well-known and quite successful titles such as Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Deliver Us From Evil, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Scott has done an excellent job here and made a real Marvel’s film, and by that I mean the visual spectacle and a lot of fun, and that this movie definitely delivers. I would even say that i went a step further and made a kind of trap for us.

In this trap leads us slowly, leading us to trace the technical perfection of visual Marvel movies that we used to, and then, when we give up, we are greeted by a surprise. We fall into the trap under the impact we have new visual magic, what we watch, which devastates all of our most demanding visual expectations of a film. Simply supplied us the magic, which is in fact the film itself. So it is no surprise Oscar nomination for special effects.

As for the story, Scott was again struck. Interesting, liquid, without idling takes you through the film without any hint of boredom or risk your attention falls. I can say that the classic Marvel’s all ironed and set as in the previous films, where certain aspects of the story perfectly dosed to give you the right way to play by emotions to your attention the film was focused, but also permeating more distinctive fun of Marvel films. The film has all the features of that universe, and they do really great work in every movie, justify the epithet of entertainment that carries the universe, just as the title of the gloom and quality DC universe.

For all this, the film has gathered really impressive cast. Strange Benedict Cumberbatch plays and it works great. From arrogant and egoist to the earth to a new wizard, hero and future Avengers. Benedict delivered us all these phases completely believable, using even, I think, a little Sherlock charm. It handles in his role and look forward to his roles in Avengers and Thor. The look is perfect, with the looks of the whole, I sit whiskers and Prelude cloak rounded appearance of comic wizard. Other team sounds scary. Two of my favorite weirdo Tilda Swinton  and Mads Mikkelsen , and they were not Rachel McAdams  and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Unfortunately, there occurs the only problem with this film that the overall impression deprives rate or more.

They are doing a solid job, but the job he could do any other actor. By this I mean the following – of my freaks, with so many beautiful, special and unique roles and appearances in films, I expected that energy, or at least a part of it and entered into this film. The opportunity was perfect, because the film is a mystical dimension of Marvel. It is here that they are able to unleash your magic and contribute to Doctor Strange is really amazing perfect. However, it is in their roles without feeling.

Tilda looks strange in its ordinariness, or make-up to standard, to call them that, actors. No one of her aura that captivates. On the other hand, Mads also none of their potential for a bad guy does not show, and we all know how scary it works well. There is simply nothing of which we can not see, and when I think about it, did not get a real chance and space. His character is perhaps the worst written in the entire film. How much space is left on Strange and how well it is written, he lost Mads, or a wizard Kaecilius. Not surprising, because the film is still called Doctor Strange, but I think that would be a figure largely got the better elaboration of another character.

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