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I always eagerly waiting for the possible continuation of a film that I was thrilled. Such was the lot of the majority, to my delight, they were successful sequels and the resulting large franchises. However, just as there were those who are not up to the task, and not only that, but they managed to completely bury the franchise is still possible sequels. So we were deprived of some that we see unfolding story. Fortunately those first, successful, far more, but regardless of Statistics, the fear is always there when it comes to sequels, especially movies that you are close to my heart, and just like that, for me, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The team is back! It not only returned, but she did it with a big boom! The aforementioned fears quickly evaporated with the opening minutes of the film. Again I was comfortably back in his seat for driving endless fun, Awesome Mix 2 sounds echoed all around, while the leg danced at the rhythm. Then we’re all in the cinema together and fired in a galaxy more than two hours of enjoyment began.

Guardians after the rescue of the Galaxy created a name for themselves, so that they have various civilizations engaged in solving the problems they had. Such is the case with race Sovereign, which were commissioned to preserve priceless battery from the monster that wants to take them. Of course, the old team tackles with monsters and solve the problem. However, race Sovereign is extremely bunch of self-important characters, so there is a difficult situation. Above all, Rocket borrow a pair of battery on departure. Yesterday’s employers are now becoming persecutors and our team is trying to escape. In contrast, when the situation seemed hopeless, help them arrive unknown ally. Since then nothing will ever be the same …

O yes. The team is back with style. Saves the galaxy again, we meet with the same sorts of planets, races, technology and other wonders. All bursting with action, color, sound. Everything is top notch. The team is perfect. Without any hesitation, we can say, James Gunn  has again succeeded! But Gunn success, even though it is, is not in all previous. His success is what made such a film, blockbuster, spectacular space opera, which speaks so strongly and which, in fact, it was a movie about family and all that it represents.

Before we get back to it, to say a few words about sparkling and intoxicating things, which allows operation of all contraindication provide phenomenal film treatment. Gan had a successful recipe, made with the first part and he is fully utilized, the next row. The stage is endless universe of planets and worlds, and therefore full of features that you want to install, with all the endless add-ons that carries. He fully utilized and brought us a feast for the eyes. With each successive scene, our eyes simply enjoy the spectacular scenery and colors. Everything is brought as an art, which is technically perfect and in front of you have one of the most visually movies. Everything comes to effects, but these have been brought to perfection, and to create something like this technique, you have to be a great artist and creator, but it certainly is Gan, or us prove this.

Music in the form of Awesome Mix Vol. 2. It was she who, as in the first part of that special thing Guardians seems miraculous. I mean not only know the hits that are on the list, but their use, ie. unusual combination of music with what is happening on the screen. At first glance incompatible, but when you go off audio-visual combination of oddities, you get pure enjoyment.

The story is interesting, fast, fun, with no downtime. Action and adventure you will not miss, and you will have a sufficient amount thereof to be satisfied in mixed adrenaline mired in a sense that you film delivers. Guardians would not be what they are not focused only on blockbuster brain to pasture, action and effects. Equally important, if not most of the power and Guardians is excellent humor. Care can not be missing in this sequel and it even has a lot more than in the first. It’s not about the forced humor, but that quality, which comes from the interaction of the characters. So you have the opportunity to, in addition to grazing pasture on visual eye, and a laugh and grin you will stay on your face throughout the film.

As I said to humor, but also everything else that forms the story, it successfully, you need to also present the main protagonists of this same story. Here we have them very much, but it is not known which one is better. Very numerous team brings with it a risk that it all turns into chaos. Often in such cases, some do not get enough space, but remain unused. Some, however, receive too much, so the film revolves around them, but it does not work out. What Ghana again for what I truly do admire the way in which it is engaged all the characters of his story in a way that everyone gets enough space. To each character develops through two hours and some of the film, in the right way and that we can enjoy and keep track of it all.

So many characters linked through the story and through everything that was going on, he gave us a clear insight about each of them. So we could clearly see what makes them tick, what are inside, their history, disadvantages, strengths and desires. Maybe such a brilliant time schedule and development of numerous characters, recalled the Star Wars original trilogy, which also have a lot of characters, but all of them also meet at the same time. The only thing I can say is congratulations.

About the cast is hard to talk and sort out someone. All are top notch, strong in their roles and striking us expose each of the characters that are interpreted. In addition to the standard lineup, which is standard awesome, I would single out the role of Michael Rooker Yondu. There’s more space and excellent use it, playing a very important role for the essence of the story. Another character, equally important got a lot more space. It is a Nebula, which presents us with a great Karen Gillan.

There are still a lot and should be plenty of time for all sense and describe. However, far more fun to meet them for the first time on screen, rather than reading about them. So I leave them alone know. If you are in the first part and dear to the heart, it will become the eternal love. Here, only six inches tall and the idiot looks charm and institutions throughout the film, bringing relaxing breaks through the story.

The biggest success of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is that it is using all this potential, which is technically as popular as actors and directors, made a powerful story of family. The family, its importance, all the ups and downs, but the connection and love which overcome all obstacles, great is incorporated and exported throughout the film. Under all these armor fantasy, superhero, effects, music, colorful, emotion, told is actually a story about people and about what they bound through their existence, held together in good times and bad, and it’s family. It is being developed, we laugh, we cry, we fight, fight and love. We go through a thousand ordeals, ups and downs, go away, come back and, in the end, whatever happens, it is there for us and we for it.

The team is back! Saving the galaxy is on the program again, but the story of himself to us and what is most important in life. James Gan proved to be a great master and made another big hit, a new look forward to. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 you can get a great celebration for all the senses. Adrenaline surges, attacks of laughter and, finally, fully cinematic pleasure when you exit the theater. Finally, do not forget even after five credits scene and sure to remove infectious soundtrack.

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