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Behind Mel Gibson  is a turbulent decades in which their behavior into question its existence in Hollywood. However, despite the difficult and controversial nature of life decisions, no one can deny that he is extremely good director. After successful films Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, Gibson has made a ten-year break in which he twice refused to shoot this film, but he finally agreed to sit in the director’s chair.

Hacksaw Ridge is a film about the true story of Desmond Doss, the first man in the history of the US military who received the Medal of Honor, although it called for an amendment that allows him not to use the weapons in the war. It was after the battle on the island of Okinawa, the ridge on which the film is named, I completely pulled out 75 wounded people and put them into safety. Scenario relies heavily on the award-winning documentary, The Conscientious Objector, and passed the tough journey that lasted over twelve years to finally was filmed.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the young Dos Desmond (Andrew Garfield), as a large part of young American people felt the need to join the army and stood in defense of their country. However, Desmond is quite different than most of its peers. After the incident with my own brother at a young age and growing up with an abusive alcoholic father (Hugo Weaving), Desmond has gained great aversion to guns and violence in general, and in support of this is the fact that a great believer. Coming up with the idea that their country is delayed as a war doctor – all in the battalion will try to take away someone else’s life, while he will be one of the few that will save lives. Unfortunately, Desmond pacifism comrades considered cowardice, ridicule and denigrate it, a line manager are doing everything to get rid of him.

As in previous works by Mel Gibson, the main protagonist has a strong will, unwavering attitude and raw courage that borders on a little madness. In the case of Desmond, his beliefs are based on a strong faith in God and on the battlefield all the time repeating the mantra God, help me to save another. My opinion is that Mr. Gibson, as a devoted Catholic, agreed to this film because he realized spiritualist potential that subtly but clearly tries between scenes of the war. The film possesses strong emotions and will simply move on and make thinking, because you will see the results of unwavering faith of a brave man.

The story of the first part has some more spectacular sequences, such as not very happy childhood, the girl who waits at home  in order to break the spirit of our protagonists, but this scene at any point are not boring, though occasionally flirting with melodrama. However, when the story moves to Okinawa, it becomes bloody spectacle with scenes which certainly have never seen. Not at one point Gibson does not lose control and presents us with a lot of war rhapsody explicit detail that does not lose focus with the main character. There are a number of slow-motion scenes that highlight the heroism of soldiers, and with the background music is simply impossible not to cower.

Gibson had previously shown that there is no explicit portrayal of the complex consequences of violence. In addition to brilliant directorial skills, he remained true to his style, and in this sense, is the second part of the film is full of graphic details that will not be pleasant for sensitive viewers. The rain of bullets leaves dire consequences on the bodies of the soldiers, and we all see in the foreground, without any embellishments. Its camera is at the center, emphasizes the soldiers’ faces, uses only natural light and, as far as the script sounded simple, it brings on the necessary freshness and realism. In the center of all these horrors is our Desmond, whose pacifism in such circumstances even more prominent.

I’m not sure when it happened the moment that Andrew Garfield on the Spider-Man comes to expectation authors such as Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese (Silence), but the man apparently doing well in demanding roles. He himself is almost the entire film, and his boyish charm, rural accent and innocent view of life freely cry for emotional rapprochement. Interpretation of a true hero obviously wants superhero given leave behind. The cast is made up of a lot of Australians (the film was shot there). Hugo Weaving explained Desmond’s acting in the role of father, while my left mixed impressions Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) in the role of one of his superiors. Much has absorbed the own performance and reminiscent of the film Hartman from Full Metal Jacket.

Mel Gibson, the film Hacksaw Ridge comeback – offers viewers the true story of an unusual and brutal war hero film, which raises questions about faith and humanity. Hyper-realistic production combined with a lot of emotions resulting in one of the best films in the current year, not only in its genre.

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