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Every fan of epic fantasy, historical and adventure films including knights, swords, etc. certainly read or watched a version of the legend of King Arthur and the Sword in the stone. I did everything, as far as films and series. Even when I was a kid, dumped by magic on my film I film Excalibur, while the sounds of Carmina Burana rang for days. After that, he was super cartoon sword in the stone, and several versions of films and series. The familiar legend everybody wanted to show the other way to separate. So we had one, which is also like me, with Clive Owen. There is an attempt to put all the historical context and give a touch of truth to the legend. All the way to the latter, again, a different view, which brings us Guy Ritchie ,named King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.

Time was when England ruled Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana). A time when there was a clash of people and wizard, who until then had lived together. Uther’s brother Vortigern (Jude Law) is mercilessly persecuted and killed wizards. Then the wizard Mordred raised a large army and attacked Uther and his castle Camelot. Mordred raised large carnivores magic. I would Camelot before a fall. Al Uther raised his sword, donated by the wizard Merlin and Mordred defeats. That same night the magic is born another monster, the sword fell into the icy water, a river of a boy carried away to the shores of a large city. I then began to legend of the sword …

As I said, there are various versions of the old legends, various attempts to highlight just that, including this one. This time, the legend of the sword brings Guy Ritchie in their own way. Guy has a special style and nourish it from the start through most of his films. Although different genres, all of his films have that a distinctive flavor, and it is primarily based on the philosophy of street London street. This street joke and jargon he went films Two sooty shotgun, and SNEC, and later through the Revolver and rock and roll, to a large enterprise and a new version of Sherlock Holmes. Quick dialogues, tricks, scams, street geniuses smeared in a thousand colors, which will charm your in a jiffy.

Most of his heroes such. Rebels from the streets, sharp mind, problematic, but in the heart correct. Do not deviate from your show and in Sherlock Holmes. He hired Robert Downey (another problematic) and brought us until then unseen Sherlock, who was uptight gentleman, polished on the edge of obsessive compulsive. No, his Sherlock, like all of his street heroes, troublesome, quarrelsome, crook, mercurial, but the ingenious mind and a pure heart. Sherlock, which is part of the London street of the universe, who knows to the core.

There was no surprise in his latest film, although it is a well-known epic legend, recognized that his style and to see a street version of King Arthur. Yes, our great hero was placed, from childhood to the streets of London, where it grew up with a myriad of challenges, the hero of the street or the great ruler of a small world. Problematic, Hector, a fraud, mercurial, but still sharp mind and a pure heart. Such were his companions, and such enemies and future allies. All but one big ultimate enemy, who does not know that the defeat.

May not all agree with these legends. The same has a failure or, rather, things that are neglected at the expense of the main story. The characters that form this story are numerous, and therefore some of them do not get enough time. Some motives were left vague or, rather, did not arrive to discover completely. Some important places, worlds and characters were left to the imagination of viewers and many of them do not know.However, if he made a blockbuster where you two hours to enjoy the great adventure? I can safely say that it is. The first weekend at the box office is not passed properly and wagging tongues already announced faux year, given the difficult budget 175 million. Criticism was not generous, but the audience was quite pleased, but if you ask me this is all that matters.

New Arthur is uncharacteristic of his legend. As I said, he’s Ritchie style and Charlie Hunnam in such a role as well for himself. This is not surprising, because in Sons of Anarchy for years played like a knight, just on the bike. His Artur grew up on the street, but from an early age, thanks to his mind, and the fate intended for him, he taught at every error is not repeated. He quickly managed to be the ruler of a small world on whose shores it has released a small boat. That’s what growing up is one of the more memorable parts of his story. She might have some flaws and is not binding material from the top quality species, but it has really parts that leave you breathless, as the picture, as the melody and the way they combine.

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