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Decades have passed since I, as a child, watching the black and white TV in a huge monster in the form of a giant gorilla. At the top of the building fought with propeller aircraft, which, as annoying mosquitoes swoop on him. At the end of the famous pad and we kids sit terrified his appearance, but also sad to tears because of his faith. It is the King Kong movie monsters, and today I am writing about his latest film, Kong: Skull Island.

From the first appearance of the film King Kong in 1933, has recorded a total of nine films Kong. Twelve years ago in view of the most famous monsters tasted and celebrated Peter Jackson and the menu is quite successful. However, what we of the rest of the film is etched island Skull Island, where they found the Congo. Not because of this, but it is also home to many other critter and monsters and of itself enough for a great monster movie. I always wondered when someone, perhaps Peter, do something with that potential. Looks like someone’s after twelve years I finally figured out the same and bring us movie Kong: Skull Island. Again, apart from Congo, we got the chance to meet a new set of critter from the island skull.

Kong: Skull Island is part of the so-called. Legendary’s MonsterVerse ie. film universe which is designed to have four films. The first was the Godzilla of 2014, the second Kong: Skull Island, and should follow Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Godzilla vs. Kong (2020). Anyway, I’m glad all this is going on, and regardless of the specific objections which I had with Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island we presented a monster exotic cinema entertainment.

The film begins in 1944, when two planes, American and Japanese, after the baptism of fire in the air, falling on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Both pilots survived and continue to fight on the ground. In the ecstasy of battle suddenly feel the earthquake and before them comes gorilla size of a small building. The story takes us to the end of the Vietnam War. The troops are preparing to return to the United States, among others, the helicopter unit under the command of Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson). The day before departure, Colonel wins final task – to take team of scientists at the newly discovered island, on which no one has gone before, and they need to provide security. Scientists will be joined by a team of Monarch, a secret organization that engages and its protection in the form of James Konard (Tom Hiddleston), former SAS member. The team gathered and headed toward the island and everything looks great, and the first bombs fall and bang their wake, King …

Kong: Skull Island is a real exotic adventure that has everything one such film should have. Exotic locations extraordinary nature, the amazing beings housed. Come as incredible, but 99% of them would like to have you for dinner in various ways. The characters are different, bringing the difference and the necessary fun and liveliness, as an adventure certainly must have. The story enough drinking and mysterious, but not too heavy, it allows you to easily follow the action, while at the same time you can soak up every atom audio-visual exoticism that you attack the senses.

The visuals are amazing and I must say that I am completely thrilled with how the film was made in this regard. Certainly something new and worth it just because you look at the film in the cinema. What is needed is to add to the formula and the music, which is absolutely to my taste, with some of the best hits of the period of the seventies. In the end, such a show need is the main attraction, but we get the undisputed king of the Congo. Extra bonus throughout the run and the other pretenders to the title of King aka the main attractions. After two hours the film drive must leave the theater happy, with a smile on his face.

The director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, a complete menu anonymous, but that did not stop to do a great job and save adventure movie for a new generation, ie. to set the standard to such films should be recorded. As far as I pleased with his work, it is best to tell you my delight that it will just work on the film adaptation of one of my favorite video game Metal Gear Solid. Roberts is certainly a great help in Dan Gilroy who wrote the screenplay. Den has an impressive filmography. In addition to writing the script for the film Real Steel, Bourne Legacy, Nightcrawler (the latter also directed). Their collaboration on the Congo was more than successful.

Much attention is devoted everything to this film was a success and may offset the not so good reviews for Godzilla. In addition to the technical side of the film, which is impeccable, attention is given to the story and the characters. He went to a variant us destroy special effects, story and leave the kindergarten level. They went on, I would say, old school approach. The real exotic adventure in the manner of Indiana Jones, with the difference that here in the forefront of a monster, not a hero. In such a setting of the film have a lot of quality elements, which are mixed in a ratio Ideally, the final product to become a real blockbuster, and thus acceptable to a wide audience, ranging from challenging to those who came to kill two hours. When you see the audience, at least most of them, out of the theater happy, you know that the movie became a hit.

The story is interesting, just like the characters who wear them. You can stream the movie to connect with more of them to choose his favorites and cheer to survive. The only problem is that the film will flow over them to become a favorite, and you will find yourself in trouble. This is thanks, certainly well-written script and characters, but certainly the extraordinary cast that is gathered here. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, etc. Although the majority of all excellent, I would point out J.C. Riley, who has called. the role of comic relief and it works brilliantly through the film. Of course, the one a little better when the whole story, rinse and remove the side and the island monster, you’ll notice a clear anti-war message, which is broadcast throughout the film. It is universal and applicable to war in general, everything that brings and takes. To the end of the film sums up all the best one sentence spoken by Tom Hiddleston: Does anybody really from the war back home ?.

The atmosphere of the film is at the same frequency and with me. Music and that some colors which had the feeling of adventure / action films of the seventies and eighties, the way stories and all this coupled with the latest technology and effects, resulting in a true cinematic enjoyment, and hold the other movies this film universe. We hope that it will be at least at the level of the Congo and the result at the end of a big collision kings, but who wins, if the winner can not be. Until then, Kong: Skull Island is very much worth your time, and it is appropriate to repeat the material with Godzilla.

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