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Little has proved so successful as a combination of sci fi genre with the horror. It showed us numerous successful film franchises, which have received the status of a cult. The impact that has on me left me Alien made the most the fans of this genre. After it was followed by a multitude of films with the same setting, with more or less success, but I watched every row, including the last one, Life.

At the international space station, everything is ready to welcome the probe carrying the samples collected on Mars. The probe comes the samples are here. The six-member crew are eagerly expected first, and they say that in the samples detected and biological cells. Hugh biologist in the laboratory creates the conditions to try to revive the cell. At the end of that thrives and cell begins to divide. Created general enthusiasm, and on earth has even held a drawing and the school will provide the name of the new alien species, and read what Calvin. Soon a small malfunction run of events, and the question whether it is even supposed to play with alien form of life will resound ominously station …

Life is fast and intense, action sci fi / horror, which uses its maximum one hundred minutes, leaving no idling. Directed by Daniel Espinoza, a Swede known for his previous works such as Snabba Cash, Safe House and Child 44. Espinoza tried his hand through his career in a variety of genres, and this is his first sci fi, but the first horror film. His first steps in an attractive genre has made a successful duo with screenwriter behind large, but unusual or rather, specific and Dead pool movie Zombie land. This unusual combination eventually gave birth to a good cinematic film, which is certainly worth a look.

The story is set in the already mentioned setting Alien’s. Space is limited space and it intruder fatal. This was taken as known item not in the least bothered, because Life wants to be something it is not. Simply delivers what is expected of him, and this is an exciting and interesting journey from beginning to end, well done in every segment. That’s exactly what you’ll get.

The creative team is a great thing that is mentioned setting set in real or close to us, today’s environment. Thus, the action takes place in the earth’s atmosphere and the familiar environment and the public with a known functioning. It is the International Space Station, space shuttle and all the protocols that often have the opportunity to watch on television. However, in this everyday situation is inserted intruder, a mystery, a great yearning for the answer to the question of whether we are alone in the universe. The intruder changing situation and daily routine will turn into complete chaos, threatening to undermine the entire humanity.

It is in this combination Life managed to break away from the crowd of similar films, and to use all its resources to help us deliver what we and went to a movie, a great movie entertainment. Espinoza uses modern technology and hyper-reality view of the universe close to us, what we saw in Gravity. At that put intruders and in the contrast and creates unnatural and awkward tension. He manages to show us the familiar creatures real and palpable fear of passing the heroes of this film, and that is “to be closed in small cans with alien monster, without almost anything with nothing to defend.”

Exactly all these impressions and feelings conveys excellent cast consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Olga Dihovichnaya and Ariyon Bakare. As much as they had space presented us six different characters, the characters and the basic lines of what drives them, their motives and desires, which in turn explains their right or wrong decisions.

The director and screenwriter, as I said, take advantage of the great potential that they had at their disposal and make a very good movie that knows what he wants to say and who, in the end, he knows who he is and what he is. Celebrity item is placed in a new environment, adapted to the present day using all the advantages of modern technology.

Fast, intense, clearly brings very good cinematic entertainment with which you will not leave disappointed. Technically and visually tight, with excellent acting roles. Great soundtrack perfectly accompanies the action, further putting pressure on the viewer, which is already under attack claustrophobic environment, and the new alien predators eager blood. When we get all of this blockbuster worth your time and money.

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