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Many fans of films have some of your favorite movie characters, who remain forever in my memory. Simply, these figures are repeatable to combine everything you need to become immortal film. The character is written as it should, then the actor with his charisma fully accustomed to the role and get the iconic movie character, or at least we like that. Through his film life there were more such figures. Clint as the gunman, Harrison Ford as Solo or Indi, Mel as Max etc. Certainly one of these is certainly the Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and today just talking about his farewell role as Wolverine in the film Logan.

Logan is the third film in the series that tells the story of Wolverine. Previously they left X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). The latter is directed, as the previous one in 2013, James Mangold. Logan leads us into the future and brings the final chapter of my favorite X-Menu.

The future is not bright for the little mutant. The year is 2029, and mutants are completely wiped out about them and nothing is known. The rest are Logan  Wolverine, who works as a limo driver and takes care of Professor Xavier and Caliban, who is hiding in Mexico. The professor stepped into the tenth decade and has frequent attacks by just how much drugs are kept under control. However, everything changes when in their life has a little girl by the name of Laura, a young mutant, and with it the great tribulation …

Logan is in many ways unique. Made under the designation R, which means – blood to the knees. The scenes are brutal and devoid of censorship, ie. not quite what i need, and if you ask me, they must be of such a film. Simply, Wolverine’s animal character, which monitors violence and that is the same all through history ended. To show its wild nature, I think that there is no other way but to show what it is, without censorship and embellishments. Just then comes to the fore and his inner struggle of man and beast, it becomes clearly visible, which witnessed gains in quality and experience that leaves the viewer. In short, a hit.

The visual appearance and testimony action is a major departure from the other Marvel movies. This following write with great pleasure: Logan’s film from Marvel world that looks like it worked DC. Yes exactly. The film is a dark, brutal, bloody. Exudes dreary, grit atmosphere and all colors in Logan as if he defected from the DC universe. Despite this display of valor, one can clearly notice the influence of western genre, as well as the world in which walking Mad Max.

It is this desert colors and layout of the stage where Logan performed their last gig. Avoids excessive special effects, devastation and sensational fights in which disappearing villages and cities. No, instead, the scene is a true modern western, the nature and deserted landscapes as a stage on which takes place concrete, strong story and where the priority given to the development of the characters and their interactions, compared to winning the audience, and so far, sensation , effects, and other glittering things.

Shane, Mad Max and Logan, all three old warriors whose life path filled with corpses and violence. They try to leave it behind, but he does not want to leave them again and must return to violence, not to save himself but those innocents caught in the maelstrom of bloody fate. So many similarities between the two films, and even some of the lone gunman and instantly kill everything and come back alone. It is this loneliness is not the only way to sneak one to whom they care, or innocent people to their fate violence that follows them like a shadow.

Hugh Jackman again, as always, great as Wolverine. Dominates every scene and again proves why my favorite movie character. This time he played fantastic. It shows the burden of years and former life that he lived, but also what it is poisoning from within. Each of his mimicry exudes a convincing display of old warriors, who reluctantly must again go through bloody. She’ll give our best to protect those he cares about, even if it meant his place. Hugh us to place looks best given Wolverine.

Beside him and Patrick Stewart  is excellent as stubborn Professor Xavier. A Beautiful Mind which they overran, and his genius turned into danger. Yet through the fog attack and drugs leads Logan way which must move left to hope for the next generation and the future of mutants. This striking duo inspired a young  Daphne Keen who plays Laura. Lora he look like Wolverine, primarily by their instincts, which is difficult to control – a walking danger or cage through which the beast comes out easily when challenged. Wolverine Pocket packaging development would best describe it.

Brutal, dark, with tributes to some cult films, with which he got better in the end, in the best possible way of bringing us the final part of the Wolverine saga and Jackman’s forgiveness of the same, after seventeen years. In order to be memorable final effort and the cast, which is the top level R Rated. For me one of the most beloved and iconic film characters, but for you who have not watched, for each recommendation.

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