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This film is a powerful story about the events that took place on the eve of the bomb attack on Boston, and the community that is faced with terror showed all his courage. Following the overwhelming attacks, Police Colonel Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) joins the brave survivors, emergency department and investigators in a race against time in which they must find the perpetrators before they carry out the next attack. Interspersing each other stories Special Agent Richard Deslauriers (Kevin Bacon), Police Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman), Colonel Jeffrey Pugliese (JK Simmons) and nurse Carol Saunders (Michelle Monaghan), this epic film will attempt to convey the tension of one of the most sophisticated search for perpetrators of the world has ever seen.


“Patriot’s Day” is a compelling dramatization of events that occurred before and after the terrorist bombing that jihadists carried out on athletes in the Boston Marathon 2013 Since most people details about the attack, but very well-known, a pleasant surprise is the fact that the director Peter Berg succeeded in this movie bring a great deal of tension and urgency. The initial frames of the film are strained as a rifle while waiting for the terrible act that we know how to follow. The balance of the film successfully maintain this tension and energy throughout their life, while viewers followed the search for the perpetrators, two brothers who are responsible for this attack. However, if you before this film already viewed the documentary “Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing”, this movie will not have as strong an impact on you.

As in his earlier collaborations with actor and producer Mark Wahlberg ( “Lone Survivor” and “Deepwater Horizon”), Berg’s main focus are the people who have lived through these unfortunate events. Although we as viewers see the bigger picture, he wants to relive these events to intimate, personal level. Viewers have the opportunity to meet two fanatical brother (who act Theme Melikidze and Alex Wolf) who will run the story – the older brother has been arguing with his younger brother often nervous. You get to know and low ranking police chief in the Boston suburb of Watertown (J. K. Simmons) who, as every day goes by coffee and muffin for his wife. There are many such, intimate moments, which are intertwined and connected to the main track in the film, a film that give much greater weight.

Although at the moment strange to see familiar faces such as Kevin Bacon and John Goodman, this film manages to avoid the impression that reminds us of a typical Hollywood production. Berg, who wrote the script with Matt Cook and Joshua Zetumer, it is made by the neglected Histrionik and successfully held a great pace through the whole thing, which we all time holding the edges of the seats. I end the film can be measured free from any action film or police procedures, but it simply replicates the things that have happened just three years ago.

The most important and the most special thing in this movie is the fact that it is very intimate. It’s hard not to react when you see tears as individuals, but entire communities, faced with immense tragedy, trying their lives back to normal again. Film viewers will surely leave a great, long-lasting impression, as it was the goal, and we are pleased to say that it is successfully completed.

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