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After the film The Wolf of Wall Street, which was adorned with a more aggressive, faster and more colorful style, Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese) has announced that it will finally be given to the project which is planned for 25 years. Silence is a completely different style compared to the above-mentioned film – this historical drama than 160 minutes is slightly philosophical journey, melancholy and meditative experience.

In a Catholic college in Maku, news arrived that her father Fereira (Liam Neeson), who was fifteen years ago, sent to Japan to spread Catholicism, he renounced the faith and lives as a Japanese. His disciples Sebastião Rodrigues  (Andrew Garfield) and Francisco Garrpe (Adam Driver) insist to go looking for him in order to save his soul. With the help of Kichijiro (Yōsuke Kubozuka), fishermen alcoholics, they come to Japan. There Christianity is blacklisted shoguns who send samurai-inquisitors to find hidden Christians. Arrival priest in a small village rejoices residents who secretly profess Catholicism, but with them come and trouble in the form of inquisitorial visit.

One of the most memorable scenes is happening right upon arrival priest in a small village and the scene of all further events in the film. In it, the priests, who after a long trip quite exhausted and hungry, they get food from local residents. After the first bite of the two residents realize what they are doing before eating – pray and bless the meal. The food was so tempting for the priests to what they otherwise reflex action, under the circumstances i am not even been on my mind. Their need for food is totally slipped my thoughts on prayer. It is this conflict between the physical and the spiritual one of the basic tenets of this film.

Silence is the second film adaptation of the novel Enda Cusack, the first recorded Masahiro Shinoda in 1971. Mr. Scorsese is planning to film him at the beginning of the nineties, but has consistently moved the decision, primarily because of obligations to producers and it is constantly corrected scenario written in collaboration with Jay Cox. Located in the first half of the seventeenth century, the events describe the consequences of the decision of Japanese shogun to expel Christianity from its territory. They believe that the violent methods of torture and murder may force Christians to give up their faith, unaware that Christians torture ultimate test of faith, on leaving soon, but voluntary.

The story is simple and straightforward – tandem priests referred to in search of his father Ferreira, hiding from the Inquisition, participate in ceremonies with the inhabitants of the village, while their faith tested all the time in different ways. After the arrival of Inquisitor arises a conflict between religious devotion and literal survival. Rodriguez chooses a pragmatic approach and advises believers to bust the icon of Jesus before the soldiers to show that they are Christians, while  Garrpe against it – our faith has rules, and these rules are the reason we are here today. During the film appears a reasonable doubt that the Japanese do not understand Christianity completely, which argue themselves samurai, while Rodriguez essential commitment to faith, not its finesse.

In the final third of the film Rodriguez faith comes to the biggest temptations when they have to give up their beliefs in order to save those who were already up. Scorsese masterfully presented the inner conflict of the individual when his faith passes the final test, but not to question his life and death. What would, so to speak, should be an easy decision – it is not. Because the dose of selfishness (compared himself with Jesus) concludes that it is his faith somehow more important than religion followers, but due to the fact that his own death is not an option, unsuccessfully trying to find greater meaning of their faith.

As for the visual impression, it is the maximum for the story, in order to achieve a meditative experience for the viewer. Each frame is simply beautiful, with lots of long scenes, without sudden jumps and plenty of liquid installation (some would say monotonous). Landscapes Taiwan had been a great location for the presentation of medieval Japan, a feast recording solutions are based on the classic Japanese films such as Kenji Mizoguchi Gion Bayashi or Sansho the Bailiff or Jazira Ozu, by tatami shot, which used Scorsese. There are several scenes that will make you a lot of upset, though you will not see a single drop of blood.

It is planned to starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio Del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal (which would make sense, because the priests Portuguese), but gave up because they were preparing for the record taken away, but the director chose the trio Spiderman-Kylo Ren Qui-Gon Jinn . Andrew Garfield (Andrew Garfield) after this year, in which he recorded Hacksaw Ridge and this movie certainly be understood as a serious actor. Gibson and Scorsese has used his almost baby’s face, and in this film presents an extraordinary priest who breaks between morality and religious principles. His character is presented as a tough man who has the answer to almost every question, until the moment when the facade cracks, and Garfield masterfully represent the whole stumbling. Adam Driver and Liam Neeson have fewer minutes than the above, but each scene acted perfectly. Menu unknown Japanese Yōsuke Kubozuka  the role Kichijiro is also worth mentioning.

Silence is the new film by Martin Scorsese, which is quite intimate and different from what we expect from this director. It has an emotional and detailed view of spirituality, religion, morality, and human nature in general, and every spectator can understand it in their own way. Philosophical experience that will make you good or imagine or will you be extremely boring.

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