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At first glance, the family Puccio live like all other families. Arquimedes (Guillermo Francella), head of the family which is made up of his wife, sons and daughters, who every evening gather around the table to have dinner together and discuss their daily events. The oldest son Alejandro (Peter Lanzani) famous rugby player who is being manipulated by his father to help him carry out his carefully planned kidnapping people. But when they start to become the kidnapping murder, Alejandro will finally have to face the truth – that his beloved father, his hero, is actually a cold-blooded killer.


During the 1980s, the family Puccio became notorious in his homeland, Argentina, for kidnapping and murder of their wealthy neighbors. Directed by Pablo Trapero, which has already provided many great thrillers ( “Carancho”, “White Elephant”), he was able to convert this real story in the film that also functions as a slick crime drama in the style of Martin Scorsese, as well as a disturbing study of political and personal perversions. Trapero carefully shows the family as a logical extension of the recently fallen dictatorship. The dreaded head of the family, Arquimedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella) spits on to the new democracy when you arrive.

This family deals with everyday normal things, if the abduction of neighbors and keeping them in his basement something that you consider normal. But Aquimedesu is the only way for their family to be a good father and the underwriters. This twisted logic may remind you of a fictional family that we’ve seen in the films “We Are What We Are” and “Dogtooth”, as well as them, and Arquimedes the kidnapping and blackmail normal part of everyday life. His curly son Alejandro (Peter Lanzani) is known in his neighborhood as a football hero, but he is not in any rebels when his father ordered him to lure one another victim of his football team.

On the other hand, in the house, Arquimedes normal helps his daughter with her homework in mathematics. Trapero us all the time left in the dark about how much actually mother and daughter know about the things that a father and son do in my spare time. They actually did not receive a prison sentence, but that does not mean that they were not addressed in these heinous acts. Men family, on the other hand, are certainly involved in them, whether they like it or not. One son, Guilllermo, even flee the country to escape their terrible fate. Finally even Alejandro begins to question the actions of his tyrannical father.

This eerie portrait of patriarchy very well be used very inappropriate music (the song “Sunny Afternoon” by the band The Kinks certainly not composed for such brutal scenes), and  claustrophobic style shooting that was the Julian Apezteguia. Finally, it should be said that even very intelligent Trapero failed to re-invent the wheel. All the familiar elements of detective stories – growth, decline, an enormous amount of violence, the Achilles heel – are present in this film. But the grim political and social subtext of this film seems quite new, exciting experience, as we have not yet had a chance to watch.

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