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After the heroic victory of the Snow Queen and King, Gerda the still can not find peace. Her dream is to find the parents and finally gather the whole family. Gerda and her friends go on a journey in search of her parents and will be on the way to meet new challenges: will reveal the ancient magical artifact. From that moment on, nothing will go according to plan

No, this movie is not a new installment of the series Disney’s “Ice Age”. This is the third part of the popular Russian animated series, which is the basis for his famous story took H. C. Andersen, and then out of it developed its various colorful story and characters. But this time, Russian animators apparently attempted to do a lot of series serious, the Disney production – they are trying to convey the problems of the real world, and in the film to convey many messages that are actually very serious nature. Unfortunately, the team was not able to decide whether they are more interested in the emotional story or a hilarious comedy, which leads to a result which is neither one nor the other. However, the target audience this perhaps will not bother.

The story begins with Kai and Gerda, who after his victory over evil queen getting celebrity status and start its own tour in order to earn some money for living. This is a typical postmodern trick – film shows us that even though his last sequel had a happy ending, the real world does not exist it the phrase ‘they lived happily ever after. ” Our heroes have to deal with angry fans and difficulties of daily life as well as any other man. Film hereby suggests that will deal with a very interesting question – everyday heroes of fairy tales – but, very quickly, however it becomes clear that this is not a post-modern, but the film is infected ADHD and starts to be noisy, shallow and full of bad taste.

Producers are clearly aware that children will roll with laughter when someone falls, so this film is full of shallow, physical humor. There is nothing sophisticated, but we can say that the jokes quite cruel – and yet, the children this kind of humor reaches its result without any problems. The problem is that at the same time with a shallow Fool movie initially trying to convey a real message and work out its problems, but soon after that simply giving up on it. It is ultimately all that matters is that loud. In addition, people who worked on this film obviously did not hesitate to copy the fore of many popular films, and without any remorse in his film thrown clear copies of movie titles such as the Harry Potter series or Ice Age.

In addition, the “Snow Queen 3 ‘benefits and many stale jokes that were intended for parents, such as alluding to the Indiana Jones or references to Uber or Wikipedia. Unfortunately, we think that adult viewers stunt like that will not impress at all – they will soon be clear that this movie is not a good representative of the universal family of animated film that could watch the grandchildren, parents and grandparents. He is simply a film in which only can enjoy the youngest, so if you are older than ten years, we believe that you do not have a lot of value to be found in this film.

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