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Trainspotting is the type of movie that will appeal to some, but no one can deny its quality, striking scene and details that made him a modern classic and an integral part of pop culture. Raw presentation Scottish junkie underground, the situation in which characters fall, their way of thinking, quotes, music, showing the general situation in the country and the attitude of Scottish teenagers have towards England and the Queen (colonized by wankers) – all this makes one of the most watched films in the past twenty years and certainly one of the best literary adaptation of all time.

My position on the recording bit is clear – I find them using conventional methods for taking steam at the expense of the old slave or on account of the popularity of the film, which was recently released. Simply, some movies it is better not to touch, especially not at any stage. Although I read all the books Irvine Welsh, and in his book Porno mentioned well-known team, it never occurred to me that the best adaptation of his book to get a sequel. That’s why I was surprised when I heard two years ago that captures Trainspotting 2. I can not say I was too impressed, but I was not against it, mainly because I appreciate Danny Boyle (Danny Boyle) as the author, for the simple reason because he does not record anything.

Towards the day of its release, the more I revolved in my mind the song Underworld’s Born Slippy, a projection  I waited with impatience. Great music, fast frames, and the appearance of well-known characters who are visibly aged. Renton (Ewan McGregor) after twenty years, returns to his hometown and re-encounters with characters who shamelessly betrayed the London apartment. Spud (Ewen Bremner) is still Spad, junkie good heart who visits the group therapy. Sik Fight (Jonny Lee Miller) who runs a bar bad deals, bald is the side that engages in criminal activities involving Veronica (Anjela Nedyalkova). Begbie (Robert Carlyle) is, quite expectedly, serving several years in prison, the violent, unpredictable and does his best to get out as soon as possible.

It was really hard to figure out what in general to be a continuation of Trainspotting. How to overcome one of the best British films of all time, in order to exceed the famous monologue of how to record a better soundtrack? Simply, the authors have agreed that it is difficult to achieve. The open end of the first film is taken into account, even Sik Boy and Begbie still angry at Renton who moved but did not continue with his life. Spad at least changed because it is still sympathetic addict who hangs i subsists, only this time i’m aware of that has touched the lowest branches. The only thing he still uses the old nickname, while Renton, Sikh Boy and Begbie became Mark, Simon and Frank.

From the first minutes the viewer is literally slaps nostalgia and sentimentality, and it is clear that the author played a lot of these on the map. When he finally remind the characters, we get an insight into their present activities and how they spent twenty years, it is quite logical to expect signs of a complication, or skeleton on which to base the next minutes of the film. Soon we get hints of complications, as well as confirmation that the whole film based on sentimentality, a number of additional flashback scene in favor of it. Minutes go by, we see that something is happening, character, or laugh with them, but the real plot and denouement absent, ie. There is, but certainly not worthy stories from 1996.

At no moment we are not sure what exactly the story deals. It can be Spad attempt to live straight exploring his talent for writing, Begbie need for revenge, boy chic plan to be included in their scams and ruses with EU funds. All three parts can easily be material for a single film, and like the crowd, along with the theme Renton return and everything that brings a return (repayment of youth, middle-aged disappointment, dealing with oneself), act hastily and somewhat confusing.

T2 apparently does not intend to go further into the reality of heroin addiction as the first film, but it shows the problems of the working class and national feelings. Partly it is expected that the story loses its strength in relation to the first part (although the film closed the wound occurred twenty years ago), however, it is evident that the continuation lost his dirt, which is one of the main features of the original. Everything is presented a lot safer, with just a single scene worthy of the first works in this sense (an allusion to The Worst Toilet in Scotland is great).

As for the famous monologue, this time set forth with much more confidence and strength, but is still a clear critique of consumerism, worthy of comparison with the original. The actors have a natural ease slid into their old roles, showing that they are surely had an impact on the creation of their character. Most importantly, although the film is happening twenty years after those of the original, and still kept his spirit and charm – if 1996 was crap to live in Scotland, there has not been much

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