45+ Best Korean Shows on Netflix (2024)

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating world of Korean dramas and films on Netflix! From heartwarming love stories to thrilling adventures, our curated list of must-watch Korean shows offers something for everyone. Dive in and discover your next binge-worthy obsession!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Korean entertainment? Look no further, as Netflix has an incredible selection of top-notch Korean shows that will leave you hooked and craving for more. With their unique blend of gripping storylines, captivating visuals, and unforgettable characters, these shows have taken the world by storm, winning the hearts of viewers across the globe.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Korean dramas or a curious newcomer looking for a taste of Korean culture, our expertly curated list of the best Korean shows on Netflix offers a perfect starting point. From heart-wrenching romances to adrenaline-pumping action series, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Korean Shows on Netflix (2024)

So grab your favorite snacks, get comfy, and let’s dive into the captivating realm of Korean shows that are waiting to be discovered on Netflix!

#1 Start-Up

In the fast-paced world of start-ups, Seo Dal-mi dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs, while Nam Do-san struggles with his tech company. With the guidance of investor Han Ji-pyeong and support from friends, they navigate the challenges of love, business, and personal growth, learning valuable lessons about success and failure.

#2 Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Disbarred lawyer Woo Tae-seok, determined to return to the courtroom, partners with mysterious law student Eun-soo to tackle high-profile cases. Together, they expose corruption and injustice while confronting personal demons, making them an ultimate underdog legal duo.

#3 My Name

Yoon Ji-woo, driven by her father’s mysterious death, infiltrates a crime organization under a new identity. As she rises through the ranks, she faces blurred lines between good and evil, ultimately confronting her own identity in a quest for the truth.

#4 My ID is Gangnam Beauty

After undergoing plastic surgery, Kang Mi-rae faces new challenges in university. Meeting Do Kyung-seok, who sees beyond her appearance, they navigate college life and societal prejudices together, exploring themes of self-discovery and inner beauty.

#5 A Korean Odyssey

In this modern-day fantasy inspired by “Journey to the West,” Jin Sun-mi frees the immortal Son Oh-gong. Bound by a magical contract, they battle supernatural forces and uncover their intertwined pasts, discovering their fates are more connected than they imagined.

#6 All of Us Are Dead

A zombie outbreak at Hyosan High School forces students to fight for survival, confronting both the walking dead and the darker sides of human nature. Amidst the chaos, they must make impossible choices to stay alive.

#7 Hospital Playlist

Five friends reunite as doctors at Yulje Medical Center, finding solace in their shared love of music. Through their band, they explore the healing power of friendship and laughter in this heartwarming slice-of-life drama.

#8 Run On

Former sprinter Ki Sun-gyeom and struggling translator Oh Mi-joo find solace in each other’s company. As they navigate their careers and personal lives, their relationship deepens, highlighting the importance of understanding and supporting each other’s dreams.

#9 The Uncanny Counter

A group of demon hunters, known as “Counters,” battles evil spirits that have crossed into the human world. Each possessing unique abilities, they face powerful adversaries while balancing their supernatural duties with everyday life.

#10 Our Beloved Summer

Years after a high school documentary project ended in heartbreak, Choi Woong and Ha Roo reunite to film a new documentary. Rediscovering their passion for filmmaking and each other, they learn about communication, forgiveness, and love’s healing power.

#11 Abyss

Revived by a magical orb that changes appearances based on one’s soul, a prosecutor and a sculptor team up to uncover the truth behind their murders. Together, they navigate the sinister forces at play in their quest for justice.

#12 Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Set during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, this coming-of-age drama follows five friends as they navigate young adulthood’s challenges. Pursuing dreams and facing life’s harsh realities, they learn to rely on each other through shared experiences.

#13 Vagabond

Stuntman Cha Dal-geon becomes entangled in a government conspiracy after his nephew dies in a mysterious plane crash. Teaming up with covert operative Go Hae-ri, they uncover corruption and betrayal, risking their lives to uncover the truth.

#14 Move to Heaven

Young man Geu-ru, with Asperger’s syndrome, and his guardian Sang-gu run a trauma cleaning service. Through their work, they uncover the stories of the deceased, forming an unlikely bond and finding healing and redemption.

#15 Extracurricular

High school student Oh Ji-soo leads a double life as a crime ring mastermind. Struggling to maintain his secret and achieve his dreams, he becomes entangled in escalating violence and betrayal, confronting the true cost of his ambition.

#16 Kingdom

In medieval Joseon, a mysterious plague turns people into zombies. Crown Prince Lee Chang uncovers a conspiracy in the royal court, leading a desperate fight to save his people and reclaim his throne amidst dark family secrets.

#17 Memories of the Alhambra

Investment CEO Yoo Jin-woo travels to Granada seeking the creator of an augmented reality game. Entangled in the game’s mysteries with hostel owner Jung Hee-joo, they uncover a dangerous conspiracy blurring reality and fantasy.

#18 Tomorrow

Grim reaper Kim Geum-ju and teacher Go Eun-byul help wandering souls find peace. Guiding spirits to the afterlife, they learn about life, love, and human connection, filled with heartache, humor, and supernatural surprises.

#19 Alchemy of Souls

A deadly curse threatens humanity, and a group of heroes must unravel ancient alchemy secrets. Facing treacherous enemies and supernatural forces, they learn to harness the human soul’s power to overcome the looming darkness.

#20 My First First Love

College students Yun Tae-oh, Han Song-yi, Seo Do-hyun, Oh Ga-rin, and Choi Hoon navigate young adulthood’s challenges together. Living in Tae-oh’s house, they experience first love, heartbreak, and personal growth, learning about friendship and love.

#21 Something in the Rain

Store supervisor Yoon Jin-ah falls for her best friend’s younger brother, Seo Joon-hee. Navigating their age gap and societal expectations, they learn about communication, honesty, and love’s power to overcome obstacles.

#22 My Holo Love

Lonely So-yeon, with face blindness, acquires glasses projecting a holographic AI assistant named Holo. Forming a connection with Holo’s creator, Go Nan-do, they navigate love, identity, and technology’s impact on relationships.

#23 Prison Playbook

Star baseball player Kim Je-hyuk is sentenced to prison, meeting diverse inmates with their own struggles. Adapting to prison life, he learns about friendship, loyalty, and redemption, appreciating the things he once took for granted.

#24 Love Alarm

In a world where a mobile app detects romantic feelings, Kim Jo-jo, Lee Hye-young, and Hwang Sun-oh navigate love and technology’s complexities. As the app influences their relationships, they find their own paths in love.

#25 When the Camellia Blooms

Single mother Dongbaek finds herself in a love triangle with police officer Hwang Yong-sik and her mysterious ex, Kang Jong-ryeol. Amidst new love and a serial killer threat, she discovers inner strength and resilience.

#26 Mr. Sunshine

Set in the late 19th century, Korean-born American soldier Eugene Choi and noblewoman-turned-sniper Go Ae-shin navigate love and independence struggles. Confronting identities and loyalties, they face the harsh realities of love in wartime.

#27 Mystic Pop-Up Bar

A mysterious bar run by ghost Wol-ju offers unique therapy through dreams. With human partner Han Kang-bae and afterlife detective Chief Gwi, they help customers find healing, confronting their own troubled pasts.

#28 Record of Youth

Aspiring actor Sa Hye-jun and makeup artist Ahn Jeong-ha chase their dreams in the entertainment industry. Facing challenges and setbacks, they find solace in each other, learning perseverance and love’s power to overcome adversity.

#29 Stranger

Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok, lacking empathy from brain surgery, and police lieutenant Han Yeo-jin solve mysterious murders. Uncovering corruption and hidden motives, they learn trust, empathy, and justice’s pursuit through their partnership.

#30 D.P.

Soldier Ahn Joon-ho joins the Deserter Pursuit unit, facing the military system’s harsh realities. With partner Corporal Park Beom-gu, they navigate moral complexities and personal struggles, uncovering human stories behind deserters.

#31 One Spring Night

Librarian Lee Jung-in and pharmacist Yoo Ji-ho embark on a romance challenging love and societal expectations. Confronting past relationship difficulties and family pressures, they discover love’s power to heal and transform lives.

#32 The King: Eternal Monarch

Korean Emperor Lee Gon discovers a parallel universe where he meets detective Jung Tae-eul. Navigating alternate realities and political conspiracies, they uncover a shared destiny, balancing duty and love to save their worlds.

#33 Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, historian Goo Hae-ryung challenges gender norms and faces royal court politics. Partnering with Prince Yi Rim, they navigate historical records’ power and their love story amidst societal challenges.

#34 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Seaside village dentist Yoon Hye-jin and jack-of-all-trades Hong Du-sik navigate love and life. As their relationship deepens, they find healing and growth in each other, confronting personal insecurities and community dynamics.

#35 Itaewon Class

Ex-convict Park Sae-ro-yi opens a bar-restaurant in Itaewon, seeking revenge on a powerful conglomerate. With a diverse team, he confronts personal and business challenges, learning resilience, justice, and love’s transformative power.

#36 Vagabond

Stuntman Cha Dal-geon uncovers a government conspiracy after his nephew’s plane crash. Teaming with covert operative Go Hae-ri, they face danger and betrayal to reveal the truth, blending action, mystery, and intense drama.

#37 Taxi Driver

After his wife’s death, former special forces officer Kim Do-gi joins a secret taxi service aiding crime victims. Partnering with hacker Ahn Go-eun and mechanic Choi Kyung-goo, they seek justice against powerful perpetrators.

#38 Vincenzo

Italian-Korean lawyer Vincenzo Cassano returns to Korea, aiding tenants of a dilapidated building against a corrupt conglomerate. Merging Mafia tactics and law, he forms bonds, seeking justice, redemption, and belonging in a new home.

#39 Beyond Evil

Detective Lee Dong-sik and newcomer Han Joo-won revisit a serial killer case, confronting personal demons and community secrets. Unraveling the truth tests their bond and beliefs, exploring justice and humanity’s darker side.

#40 Law School

Law professor Yang Jong-hoon and students investigate a classmate’s murder. Navigating legal complexities and personal relationships, they uncover the truth, revealing the legal system’s challenges and the pursuit of justice.

#41 Mouse

Rookie detective Jung Ba-reum and partner Go Moo-chi face a psychopathic serial killer. As the case unfolds, they confront moral dilemmas, blurring lines between good and evil, and challenging their perceptions of humanity.

#42 Sky Castle

Elite neighborhood Sky Castle’s families pursue educational success, facing intense pressure, competition, and personal struggles. Unveiling societal critiques, they navigate complex relationships, ambition, and the true cost of success.

#43 Search WWW

Three women, Bae Ta-mi, Cha Hyeon, and Song Ga-gyeong, navigate love and career in Korea’s web portal industry. Balancing personal lives and professional challenges, they explore modern relationships, ambition, and self-discovery.

#44 Sisyphus: The Myth

Engineer Han Tae-sul and warrior Kang Seo-hae confront a dystopian future’s secrets. Navigating time travel and technological conspiracies, they fight for humanity’s survival, uncovering hidden truths and challenging fate.

#45 Hyena

Powerful attorneys Jung Geum-ja and Yoon Hee-jae compete and collaborate in high-stakes legal battles. Blending fierce rivalry and undeniable chemistry, they navigate the legal world’s complexities, revealing ambition, justice, and love.

#46 Sweet Home

Residents of Green Home apartment complex face monstrous transformations amidst a mysterious epidemic. As they fight for survival, they confront personal demons and form bonds, exploring humanity’s resilience in the face of horror.

#47 Happiness

A new infectious disease spreads in a high-rise apartment complex, turning residents into bloodthirsty creatures. Police officer Yoon Sae-bom and detective Jung Yi-hyun fight for survival, navigating personal and societal challenges.

Are you excited to dive into these amazing Korean shows on Netflix? Whether you’re in the mood for romance, thriller, action, or drama, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to share your favorites with us in the comments below! Happy binge-watching!


1. What are some must-watch Korean dramas on Netflix?

Popular choices include “Kingdom,” “Crash Landing on You,” “Itaewon Class,” and “Start-Up.”

2. Are there any good Korean action series on Netflix?

Yes, “Vagabond” and “My Name” are excellent choices for action enthusiasts.

3. Which Korean romantic dramas should I watch on Netflix?

Try “Crash Landing on You,” “Something in the Rain,” and “Our Beloved Summer” for heartwarming romance.

4. Is there a good variety of genres in Korean shows on Netflix?
Absolutely! From romance and action to thriller and fantasy, Netflix offers a diverse range of Korean shows.

5. How can I keep up with new Korean shows on Netflix?
Follow Netflix’s updates, social media, and fan communities for the latest releases and recommendations.

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