Aquaman (2018)


Aquaman is one of the members of the Justice League and in the film of the same name he was introduced to us by the charismatic Jason Momoa. He has now got his own film, and his plot takes place after the Justice League. Arthur aka Aquaman is the son of Queen Atlana (Nicole Kidman), who comes to us from the underwater world of Atlantis. She got it from a relationship with an ordinary man, a lighthouse keeper, when she fell in love while running away from an arranged marriage. However, a few years after the birth of Arthur, Atlantean was found by the Atlanteans and she must return and fulfill her duty, that is. to marry the king of Atlantis.

Many years later, Arthur grew into a hero whose works we watched in the Justice League. He is found by Princess Mera (Amber Heard) and convinces him that he must fulfill his destiny and become the king of Atlantis in order to save the world from destruction prepared by his half-brother, and now King Orm (Patrick Wilson). Although reluctant, Aquaman embarks on an exciting adventure to fulfill his destiny and save the world.

After two and a few hours of crazy driving, I can freely say that Aquaman certainly brings better days for DC. While it has some of its flaws, it all falls under the charisma of Momoe, who sovereignly masters his film and the character of Aquaman. He simply carries the whole film, so even those small omissions remain just that, small and negligible. The rest of the team follows him well, especially Amber as the beautiful heroine Mera, and Wilson has a great role in his unusual release.

What’s a full hit for Aquaman is director James Wan himself. We all know Vana through the extraordinary horror he did, as well as the seventh sequel Fast and Furious. Chova did a great job and presented us with a completely spectacular underwater set of Aquaman. Indeed, Aquaman is visually magical, enchanting and it is a big mistake not to look at that perfection in cinema. I think few movies have captured me so visually after Avatar. The world under the sea is full of various fascinating creatures, nations, cities. At some point you have the feeling of watching some epic sci-fi in space with countless alien races and worlds. A few scenes simply leave both Banu and the team breathless.

In addition, it seems that the adrenaline from F&F has shifted here as well, so that, in addition to the introductory few minutes, it gave us a full two hours of fast and adrenaline-fueled driving. So when it starts, which is very fast, you are at full speed and there is no stopping until the end. There is no idling and you fly from adventure to adventure. It has everything. Underwater spells, Indiana Jones style adventures, monsters and that real superhero squabble. And so on until the very end. The costumes are crazy, and the last fight, that is. the conflict of nations, is at the level of some of the best ever

In his mix between Momo’s charisma, visual superiority and adrenaline action and adventure, there is a script error or a bad idea, or maybe the story of a character and the character of the surplus (Black Manta). Maybe the music is a little below the average of everything else. But, as I said at the beginning, it all simply disappears under the wheels of the overall impression of Aquaman’s spectacular adventure. So all you have to do is arm yourself with popcorn, sit back comfortably and indulge in the charms of visual perfection and super fast and fun driving prepared for us by Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Van as director.