Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


One of those who I appreciate knows how to use the benefits of technology, preserve the dignity and originality of comic roots and deliver the story properly, is Zack Snyder, the director of the latest in a series of comic book adaptations. After bringing us a comic book story from Greek mythology The 300, and then made a masterpiece for me with Watchmen, and launched a new Superman, this time he added another legend of the DC universe – Batman in their spectacular clash in Dawn of Justice.

The story is about two legends. one from this, and the other from a distant, now non-existent world. One is a man, the other an alien, and both are superheroes, each in his own way. Each lord of his city and waged his wars, both against various opponents and against himself. Both have their own perception of justice and ways of resolving things, and what they have in common is that they consider the other a danger to the world. Thus one thing leads to another, and with the involvement of others towards the inevitable collision…

Critics buried the film in turn, and in my opinion completely unreasonable. In my understanding of the DC universe, this is a great adaptation of that world, which, unlike Marvel’s, where fun is mostly in the foreground (not always), is dark and serious. This is exactly the kind of world Snyder gave us with this film. Very serious, dark, with a minimum of entertainment (I mean comedy) if there is one at all, but there are plenty of other, action-packed ones, in the style of leveling cities through struggle.

At first glance, it will seem to you that there is everything and everything, but very quickly everything agrees properly. Two main characters are developing, and others are in their shadow. All of them together with their actions, some less, some more, put together pieces and compose a story, slowly driving it uphill, more and more. When an explosion occurs, chaos ensues. In the clash of the titans of the DC world, you will be shocked by the satisfaction caused by the bursting quality of the entire performance. Just when you think that’s it and while you’re being discharged from shock and energy, things start moving again, this time ultra-fast towards an even bigger culmination, then a spectacle ensues in which more players join in, and all you have to do is fully enjoy the semi-open mouth, in true comic book style, as befits these comic book icons.

In addition to masterfully using all the benefits of the technique, Snyder did two other aspects at a high level. He presented us with a faithful adaptation of the comic, through which he drew many announcements of future achievements from the DC world, as well as what awaits us in them. Unlike Marvel, who used the post-credit scene to give us a moment to share the stories below, Snyder did so throughout the film, through numerous shares in the shadow of major events. I am thinking of Flash and Aquaman, Cyborg, future members of the Justice League, as well as some others. As for me, I had the opportunity to see the real DC atmosphere that went from pictures on paper to canvas.

In the end, Zack managed to tell us the story through well-made and developed characters, as much as they could have developed in this prequel or introduction to all the other films of the DC universe that we will have the opportunity to see in the years to come. If anyone doubted, and many (not I did) in Ben Affleck’s ability to respond to the weight of a bat man’s mask, he was instantly reassured by his appearance in the film, which seemed to jump right out of the pages of DC Comics. As for me, he did the job for ten, completely authentic and true to comics, and I hope we will watch him in many more sequels.

Henry Cavill was great for me at Man of Steel, and so here. A great modern Superman and I can hardly imagine anyone else in that role now. Amy Adams has made a big step forward compared to MOS. She is much more impressive here, and her role is better written. He would also mention Jeremy Irons as the cynical and cold-blooded Alfred.

The only thing that annoyed me was Lex Luthor, that is. Jesse Eisenberg in the role of the same. Somehow it wasn’t that for me. He looked more like the eyeless teenager from those crazy and hanged My Sweet 16 shows than the ultra-smart supervillain. Although, when I look at everything, it has fulfilled its purpose, because during the entire film, you burn with the desire to reach it and beat it like an ox. The icing on the cake is definitely Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and we are looking forward to her solo film.