Netflix’s Best. Christmas. Ever!


As the holiday season approaches, Netflix unwraps a festive treat for viewers with “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Directed by Mary Lambert, the holiday-themed feature, set to hit the streaming service on November 16, promises to add a dash of humor and heart to the Christmas spirit.

Best. Christmas. Ever! (2023) Netflix Full Movie Info

The trailer introduces us to Heather Graham’s character, Charlotte, an unexpected guest with a mission. Uninvited but determined, Charlotte arrives on the doorstep of her college friend Jackie, played by the talented Brandy Norwood. The twist in this yuletide tale? Charlotte is armed with a plan to reveal the imperfections behind Jackie’s seemingly perfect life, showcased annually in her boastful holiday newsletters.

The storyline revolves around Charlotte’s struggle with jealousy as she navigates through her complicated feelings about her past with Jackie. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the emotional rollercoaster as Charlotte confesses, “Being here reminds me of everything I wanted to do with my life and didn’t.” It sets the stage for a poignant exploration of friendship, unfulfilled dreams, and the quest for authenticity amid the glittering holiday cheer.

Brandy Norwood’s character, Jackie, isn’t oblivious to Charlotte’s intentions. In a confrontational moment, she asks, “I knew you were sneaking around. What is your problem, girl?” The dynamic between the two friends promises to be a key element in the film, adding layers to the narrative as they unpack the baggage of their friendship.

Adding to the ensemble cast are Jason Biggs and Matt Cedeño, rounding out the characters in this festive tale of revelations and rediscovery. Mary Lambert, known for “A Castle for Christmas,” takes the director’s seat, bringing Todd Calgi Gallicano and Charles Shyer’s script to life.

In a recent interview with Netflix promotional site Tudum, director Mary Lambert provided insight into the film’s themes. She emphasized that the characters, played by Graham and Norwood, carry significant emotional baggage, making their journey one that is far from easy. “It’s not as easy as it sounds, though,” Lambert explained. “And I think for me, the movie tries to say that. Let’s find something to laugh at in all this craziness.”

Heather Graham, fresh from her October releases of “Suitable Flesh” and “The Other Zoey,” takes on the role of the uninvited guest with a mission. Brandy Norwood, celebrated not only for her acting prowess but also for her music career, brings her charisma to the screen, having recently starred in the ABC drama series “Queens.”

As the holiday season kicks off, “Best. Christmas. Ever!” appears poised to deliver a perfect blend of laughter, reflection, and the warmth that defines the spirit of Christmas. With its relatable themes and stellar cast, this Netflix offering invites viewers to unwrap the imperfections hidden beneath the tinsel and discover the true magic of the season.