Empire State (2013)


Films made based on true events instantly raise the rating and the desire to watch. Such is the case with this film, so, in addition to numerous negative reviews, I decided to watch it with a lot of expectations. It turned out that most of the criticism was in place.

Liam Hemsworth plays Chris Potamitis, the eldest son of a Greek immigrant living in the United States. He lives in an environment full of crime and after his request for a police school is rejected, he wants to progress in the world of crime, in order to provide his father with a decent pension. However, he is employed as a worker in providing money transport. After the murder of his partner and the shameful compensation that his partner’s family received, Chris decides to rob a money warehouse with his partner Eddie. They are opposed by strong criminal clans, as well as detectives from the local police unit.

At the very beginning, the film is quite promising. The viewer is quickly introduced to the plot, the thoughts of the main characters are shown, as well as the difficult social status of their families. However, as the plot progresses, it is noticed that many good elements are somehow thrown in without the right order and meaning. Solid scenes are suddenly interrupted by rather unnecessary dialogues whose sole purpose is to prolong the duration of the film. One gets the impression that the production did a too sloppy job, although from the visual point of view, the film was done excellently and realistically evokes the eighties, when the action took place.

The true story really seems interesting and promises a solid thriller or drama, but the final product turned out to be too monotonous and almost boring. It has numerous clich├ęs, the action is not as fast as it could have been, and one of the rare bright spots is the cast. In addition to the already mentioned Hemsworth, he is accompanied by Dwayne Johnson in the role of a detective who, it is safe to say, is a completely unnecessary character and interesting Emma Roberts.

The general impression is that the numerous good elements and solid potential that the story according to which the film was made have ended up as an below-average low-budget film produced only by more or less famous actors, their work and realistically evoked 80s of the last century. It’s not worth watching.