Gaslight Full HD Movie REVIEW Watch Online On Disney+


Gaslight Full HD Movie REVIEW Watch Online On Disney+

Release Date : March 31, 2023

Starring: Sara Ali Khan, Vikranth Massey, Chitrangadha Singh, Rahul Dev, Akshay Oberoi,

Shishir Sharma & Others

Director: Pavan Kirpalani

Producers: Ramesh Taurani, Akshai Puri

Music Director: Gaurav Chatterji

Cinematography: Ragul Herian Dharuman

Editor: Chandan Arora

Wheelchair-bound and estranged daughter Meesha (Sara Ali Khan) has returned to her ancestral palace after several years at the request of her father Raja Ratan Singh (Shataf Figar). Upon her arrival, she is greeted by her stepmother Rukmani (Chitrangadha Singh) who informs her that her father is away dealing with a strike issue in one of their factories.

Meesha is introduced to Kapil (Vikranth Massey), the estate manager, and strange occurrences begin to unfold. Meesha believes that she saw her deceased father’s spirit in the palace, and with the help of Rukmani and Kapil, she sets out to unravel the mystery of his disappearance.

What really happened to Raja Ratan Singh? Who did Meesha see in the palace? How did Kapil aid in uncovering the truth? The answers to these questions comprise the remainder of the film.

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Gaslight presents an intriguing premise that captivates the audience from the start. Sara Ali Khan, who continues to impress with each performance, delivers a strong portrayal in the lead role, carrying the movie with unwavering conviction.

Vikranth Massey, an accomplished actor, delivers a commendable performance, while Chitrangadha Singh’s surprising turn showcases her range as an actress and stunning on-screen presence. The well-written and expertly executed twist at the climax of the film is sure to catch viewers off guard and leave them in awe.