Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)


After saving the Galaxy, the Guardians created a name for themselves, so various civilizations hired them to solve the problems they had. Such is the case with the Sovereign race, which has hired them to save priceless batteries from the monster that wants to take them. Of course, the old team tackles the monster and solves the problem. However, the race of Sovereigns is a bunch of extremely conceited characters, so there is an awkward situation. On top of that, Rocket borrows a pair of outgoing batteries. Former employers are now becoming persecutors and our team is trying to escape. In that, when the situation seemed hopeless, an unknown ally came to their aid. Since then, nothing will be the same…

Oh yes. The team returned with style. The galaxy is saved again, we introduce it to various planets, races, technology and other wonders. Everything is bursting with action, colors, sounds. Everything is at the highest level. The team is perfect. We can say without hesitation that James Gunn has succeeded again! But Gan’s success, although it is, is not in everything before. His success is that he made a film like this, a blockbuster, spectacular space opera, which speaks so strongly and which, in fact, is a film about the family and everything it represents.

Before I get back to that, let me say a few words about glittering and intoxicating things, whose action and all the contraindications provide you with phenomenal film therapy. Gan had a successful recipe, made with the first part, and he took full advantage of it, in order. The stage is a universe of endless planets and worlds, and thus full of possibilities to set it up as you wish, with all the endless accessories it carries within it. He took full advantage of that and brought us a feast for the eyes. With each subsequent scene, our eyes simply enjoy the spectacular scenes and colors. Everything has been brought to perfection, both artistically and technically, and you have one of the most visually impressive films in front of you. These are effects, but they have been brought to perfection, and in order to create something like this with a technique, you have to be a great artist and creator, and Gan certainly is, or he proved it to us.

Music in the form of Awesome Mix Vol. 2 breaks down. It is she, as in the first part, that is something special that makes the Guardians wonderful. I don’t mean only the famous hits that are on the list, but their use, ie. an unusual combination of music with what is happening on the screen. Incompatible at first glance, but when you are struck by the audio-visual combination of strangeness, you get pure enjoyment.

The story itself is interesting, fast, fun, no idleness. You will not miss the actions and adventures and you will have enough of them to wrinkle yourself in the adrenaline rush of feelings that the film delivers to you. The Guardians would not be what they are if they focused only on blockbuster, brain grazing, action and effects. Equally important, if not most of the strength of the Guardian, is great humor. He is by no means lacking and in this sequel there is even a lot more of him than in the first one. It is not about forced humor, but quality, which comes from the interaction of the characters themselves. So you have the opportunity to, in addition to grazing your eyes on the visual pasture, have a good laugh, and the kez will not come off your face during the entire film.

As I said, in order for humor, but also everything else that makes up a story, to be successful, it is necessary for the main protagonists of that same story to present it. We have a lot of them here, and it is not known which is better. A very large team carries with it the risk of turning it all into general chaos. Often in such cases, some do not get enough space, so they remain unused. Some get too much, so the film revolves around them, so it doesn’t turn out right. What I’m taking my hat off to Ghana for again is the way he engaged all the characters in his story in a way that everyone gets enough space. That each character develops, through two or so hours of film, in the right way and that we can enjoy and follow it all.

He connected so many characters through the story and through everything that is happening, he gave us a clear insight into each of them. So we could clearly see what drives them, what they are like inside, their past, flaws, virtues, desires. Perhaps this ingenious schedule of time and elaboration of many characters, reminded me of Star Wars, the original trilogy, where we also have many characters, but we all meet them at the same time. The only thing that can be said is every honor.

It’s hard to talk about the cast itself and single someone out. They are all at the highest level, strong in their logos and strikingly reveal each of the characters they interpret. In addition to the standard five, which is awesome by default, I would single out Michael Rooker in the role of Yondu.