Justice League (2017)


So Marvel threw out hit after hit, but got bored in it, so the movies started to look like each other and yes, hand on heart and with some exceptions, they get boring. The last in the series, Thor: Ragnarok made a step forward and took the franchise in another, extremely fun direction. DC, on the other hand, seems to be a little late with the race and the creation of a unified film universe, as Marvel did. So it started with Man of Steel, followed by Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and the last Justice League. The first three suffered a lot of criticism, I liked them (good SS and not so much), while Wonder Woman picked up the laurels and announced a brighter future for the DC film universe. And then, came the Justice League.

The action takes place shortly after the one from Batman v Superman. After Superman died, the whole world fell into despair, lost hope, and fear and insecurity became commonplace. As it usually happens, such a world is ideal for the one who wants to conquer and conquer it. And just such a danger looms over the Earth. Faced with that, Batman and Wonder Woman are trying to gather a team that will face the impending danger and save the world…

Justice League is a film I have been eagerly awaiting for a number of reasons. Firstly because I am a DC fan, secondly because they will introduce us to the new heroes of the DC universe and thirdly, because it is the starting point for other independent films of those same heroes and many others. However, along with the desire, due to some nonsense of the people in charge of the film, came the anxiety about how it would turn out in the end. And it turned out to be colorful, if I may put it that way. Changing the director, filming and dubbing certain scenes, throwing out a bunch of material at the expense of time (which is too short for a film like this: 120 minutes), all the hatred on social networks and the public before anything is hatched from a DC egg. In the end, all that brought such a colorful, torn film, which I will recommend to you, in spite of everything.

Namely, there are a lot of bad solutions that catch everyone’s eye. He is the first, the biggest eye-catcher and the main villain, Stephenwolf. A silly character who looks like some likeable elf, speaks in the voice of Gandalf and spreads love in the form of all hell. It creates chaos, it brings horror, and yet it is neither scary nor hateful to you. A straight line and threads similar to the one from the comic. Then often, for unbelievable bad effects (considering $ 300 million, it had to be perfect). Torn script, where it can be seen that the film was finished, cut, etc. Especially since some characters are given a good story, so you can understand them, while others are not. However, all that aside. What made me personally more angry was Batman.

A dark hero, the only one without power, and yet a boss (although many will not admit it) to others with superpowers. The main strategist who always implements his own and has no problem opposing everyone, including Superman. The starting machine of the whole team. Well, what would you do with a guy like that, I wonder all the time. Something cuckoo for Superman. He laments that I can’t do anything without him, etc. And when Superman appears in the main squat, I cried with anguish when I saw Batman’s face – like a small child when he sees his greatest hero live.

Regardless, it needs to be said why watch Justice League. When you look at everything, you will get the opportunity to watch your favorite heroes together on the big screen. You will get the beginning of a story that has many indications that it will give rise to more new stories, independent, about the heroes shown and many others. You will get great cooperation and chemistry among the main characters, members of the League. A fun Flash that promises an equally fun own movie. Aquaman and the great Momou who had too few minutes here, but captivates with his appearance. Although it looks different from the comics, I think it will be great.

You will get a Cyborg that looks powerful. Wonder Woman who continues her great role from the previous film. Finally, Superman is back and now he is going to charge someone heavily for this break underground. Batman. Hm. Some other time about him. They have expanded the world, opened many doors through which we will, I hope, pass satisfied in the end. While there are bad CGI scenes, there are also great ones that you will enjoy watching. A good old epic fight among superheroes. Also, you will get what you are not – humor primarily in larger quantities and a lighter tone of the story (which is not better for me, but come on).