Logan (2017)


Logan is the third film in a series that brings us the story of Wolverine. Previously released were X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). The latter was directed, like the previous ones from 2013, by James Mangold. Logan takes us into the future and brings the final chapter of the story of my favorite X-Menu.

The future is not bright for mutants. The year is 2029, and the mutants have been completely wiped out and nothing is known about them. The rest are Wolverine or Logan, who works as a limousine driver and takes care of Professor Xavier and Caliban, who are hiding in Mexico. The professor is in his tenth decade and has frequent seizures that only medication keeps under control. However, everything changes when a girl named Laura enters their life, a young mutant, and with her great troubles…

Logan is special in many ways. It was made under the sign R, which means – blood to the knee. The scenes are brutal and uncensored, ie. just the way they should be and, if you ask me, they have to be for a movie like this. Simply put, Wolverine is an animal character, who is accompanied by violence and who has ended it all in the past. In order to show his wild nature, I think there is no other way, but to show it as it is, without censorship and embellishment. It is then that his inner struggle between man and beast comes to the fore, it becomes clearly visible, which gives the story the quality and impression it leaves on the viewer. In short, a complete hit.

The visual appearance and way of telling the story is a big step away from other Marvel movies. I am writing this with great pleasure: Logan is a film from the Marvel world that looks like it was made by DC. Yes exactly. The film is dark, brutal, bloody. It exudes gloom, a warm atmosphere and all the color in Logan as if it had escaped from the DC universe. In addition to this portrayal of the heroes, one can clearly see the influence of the western genre, as well as the world that Mad Max walks.

It is this desert color and appearance that is the stage on which Logan performs his last performance. Excessive special effects, devastation and sensational battles in which villages and towns disappear are avoided. No, instead there is a real modern western on the stage, with nature and deserted landscapes as a stage, where a concrete, strong story takes place and where priority is given to the development of characters and their interaction, in relation to gaining audiences, as before, sensation , effects, and other glittery things.

Shane, Mad Max and Logan, all three old warriors, whose life path is filled with corpses and violence. They try to leave them behind, but he does not want to leave them and they must return to violence again, not to save themselves but those innocents caught in the whirlpool of bloody destiny. There are so many similarities between these films, as well as some others about the lonely revolver and the story of kill everything and come back alone. It is this loneliness that is the only way not to drag those they care about, or innocent people, into their destiny of violence that accompanies them like hay.

Hugh Jackman is again, as always, as great as Wolverine. He dominates every scene and proves again and again why he is my favorite movie character. This time he played fantastically. It shows the burden of years and previous life he lived, but also of what poisons him from within. Each of his mimics exudes a convincing depiction of an old warrior, who reluctantly has to embark on a bloody path again. Again, he will do his best to protect those he cares about, even if it means his end. Hugh gave us the best Wolverine for the end of the look.

In addition to him, Patrick Stewart is excellent as a good professor Xavier. A brilliant mind when years passed and his genius turned into danger. Yet through the fog of attack and medicine he leads Loganaput along which he must tread in order to leave hope for a new generation and the future of the mutants. This impressive duo was followed by the young Dafne Keen, who plays Laura. Laura looks so much like Wolverine, primarily in her instincts that are difficult to control – a walking danger or a cage through which the beast comes out very easily if it is challenged. Wolverine pocket packaging in development would best describe it.

Although Logan has some problems with the tempo and maybe some repetitive scenes, these are just the little things in the otherwise complete movie entertainment he brings. A complete departure from Marvel’s frivolity, or rather Marvel in DC spirit, was brought about by the best Marvel movie in general, which can be ranked side by side with the Guardians and Winter Soldier.