Looper (2012)


The knowledge that the science fiction film Looper contains elements of time travel in its story, aroused special interest in me, even before meeting the first scenes from this film. Sometimes it seems to us that we would watch any film, as long as there are points of contact with this topic. There is something particularly appealing about time travel movies. Admittedly, we may have a tendency towards this type of science fiction film, but you have to admit that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime travel can tickle everyone’s imagination. Each of us at least once wished to know what awaits him in the future, even if it was reading the horoscope. Probably in that lies our intrigue with this, for now, still only fantastic idea.

The film “Looper” may not be the brightest example of its kind, but given the density of time travel in films, it managed to touch on some new moments of this topic and make a more or less decent story that did not disgrace its genre too much. The story in the film is set in the future, more precisely in 2044, where time travel technology still does not exist. However, we learn that in 2074, that possibility exists and that time travelers arrive from there at a time that represents the present in the film. More precisely, this kind of trip is used by criminal organizations, in order to get rid of unwanted people, considering that in 2074, it is almost impossible to cover up the murder. It is important to note that the very act of time travel is also illegal.

Arriving in 2044, unwanted time travelers are instantly killed by the so-called. Looper, who at the same time remove the body of the murdered man, which practically did not exist at that time. You will admit that it is pretty pointless, considering that it is also an illegal act, it was to be expected that this opportunity would be used for something more profitable, especially when it comes to the criminal world. We remember e.g. how only Bif Tanen in Back to the Future 2 got rich thanks to a sports almanac from the future. However, in the movie Looper, the story is centered on something different. Looper Joe Simons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Bruce Willis), comes to a situation where he has to kill an older version of himself, which was sent from the future, in order to avoid some kind of so-called time continuum disturbances.

By far the brightest point of the film was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who brilliantly played Bruce Willis, with excellent make-up with which he was disguised beyond recognition. The film is, if nothing else, interesting at least because of its acting. The fact that Gordon-Levitt actually played Willis, and not the character in the film, basically speaks clearly about how much Willis actually plays. Willis is simply always the same in his roles and in fact always plays himself. He was like that this time as well, which says everything about his role in the older version of Joe Simons in this film.

It was almost impossible to bypass the moments of the time paradox in the film Looper, as well as in all films with time travel. After Joe Simons from the future (Willis) seriously manages to break the time continuum, young Simons (Gordon-Levitt) concludes that he can only solve this situation by suicide, which he does. However, this act calls into question everything that happened in the film. The suicide of young Simons means that old Simons never even existed, which nullifies the entire film. Pretty confusing, isn’t it? In any case, a great puzzle for fans of this topic.

“Looper” will offer you a decent dose of science fiction, imbued with satisfying action. This movie may not be exactly the pastime of your life and it will definitely not become your favorite, but as a one-time party it is just fine.