Monsters University (2013)


From the very beginning of the creation of this project, there have been stories about whether the sequel to the almost perfect animated film Monster Inc is needed at all. The fact is that the sequels almost as a rule fail to match the original with interest, and a large number of audiences and critics were skeptical about the success of this film.

The plot takes us back to the past in relation to the time of the plot in the first film, and shows the young and energetic Mother Wazowski who is still in primary school. After a trip to the famous Fear Factory, he decides to dedicate himself to being a bully. A few years later, he arrives at Monster University, where he learns that a hard job awaits him in order to fulfill his life’s desire. His main problem is the fact that he is not scary at all. His roommate is the young Randall, a rival in the first part, who was a loser at the time. On the first night, his enemy becomes Sullivan, a freshman who thinks he doesn’t have to study because he comes from a well-known family. They embark on an adventure that will envy their further stay at the university.

The main initiator of the whole film is the story of friendship, its origin and the problems and quarrels it faces. It is well shown how Mike and Sally become friends for life from the enemy. Although it is known what the ending of the film is, it is not predictable at all. It is full of humor and interesting characters that easily create sympathy in the viewer, as well as numerous depictions of emotions that make relatively evil monsters favorites. It has a lot of references that are related to real life and people who have the same or similar thoughts and problems, because even monsters are afraid of the real world.

At first glance, it seems that the film will be good, but not in the range of Pixar’s most popular projects. Even after the check-out rush, I don’t know if I would include it in that group, because it’s great as a special film, but as a sequel to the first part, it’s slightly weaker. Creativity is maximum, the characters are diverse and specific, and the animation itself is at the highest level. The script is interesting, but he failed to avoid numerous clich├ęs.

The voices of the main characters, as in the first part, were lent by the great Billy Crystal and John Goodman, who had no problem returning their old roles to the past and their youth. A great addition to the whole project is Helen Mirren, who lent her voice to the terrifying Hardscrabble, the dean of the university. There is also the inimitable Steve Buscemi with his hero Randall, who unexpectedly had a rather small role.

When all is said and done, this is a great movie, which is still not in the range of the legendary Toy Story trilogy or the Wall-E project. It’s funny, interesting and full of emotions, and I recommend that you look at this sequel first, and then Monster Inc., in order to follow the action better and with better quality.