Paint (2023)


Paint (2023)” is an upcoming comedy movie directed by Brit McAdams set to hit theaters on April 7, 2023. The film’s plot follows Carl Nargle, a local treasure with a soothing whisper of a voice, who hosts his own painting show on Vermont public television.

Paint (2023)

Release DateApril 7, 2023 (USA)
DirectorBrit McAdams
Runtime1 hour 36 minutes
CinematographyPatrick Cady
EditingSofi Marshall
DistributorIFC Films
Executive ProducersOwen Wilson, Joel David Moore, Amy Jarvela, Richard J. Bosner

His art has attracted the attention of many women over the years, especially those who work at the station. However, when a new painter gets hired to revitalize the channel, Carl finds himself in a love triangle that threatens to jeopardize his career and reputation.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 36 minutes, “Paint” promises to be a lighthearted and entertaining experience for audiences. The movie boasts of talented cinematography by Patrick Cady, who has previously worked on TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”. The editing has been done by Sofi Marshall, who has worked on movies like “The Addams Family” and “Napoleon Dynamite”.

The film has been distributed by IFC Films, a well-known American film production and distribution company. With their expertise in indie and art-house movies, “Paint” is set to attract a niche audience who appreciate clever comedy and nuanced characters.

Executive produced by Owen Wilson, Joel David Moore, Amy Jarvela, and Richard J. Bosner, “Paint” features a talented cast who bring their characters to life with humor and charm. The film’s director, Brit McAdams, has previously worked on TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Mindy Project”, and brings her comedic sensibilities to the big screen.

“Paint” is a story of love, rivalry, and the art of painting. The movie’s protagonist, Carl Nargle, is a lovable character who has won the hearts of many with his gentle demeanor and soothing voice. As he navigates the challenges of his personal and professional life, audiences are sure to be entertained by his antics and misadventures.

Overall, “Paint” promises to be a fun and enjoyable movie that will leave audiences with a smile on their faces. With a talented cast and crew, and a director with a keen eye for comedy, this movie is definitely one to look out for in 2023.