Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014)


Jeffrey M. Howard and the director are the authors of a story from which a second-story scenario is constructed, examining turning points when we simply realize the need to put an end to one chapter and move on to write new pages of our lives. An ambitious team from DisneyToon Studios, with the support of colleagues (Prana Animation Studios), invested $ 50,000,000 in the project, warmed by optimism to repeat the more than favorable box office result of the debut (earned over $ 90,000,000).

Dasty is a favorite of the public and is welcome everywhere. He is especially loved and respected in his hometown. When he has an accident in training, he learns the bitter truth. Its gearbox is damaged, which means that it will no longer be able to load the engine to the maximum. Is it the sudden end of a brilliant sports career? Stubbornly refusing to accept the gloomy reality, Dusty caused a fire and threatened the whole area. Tormented by guilt, quiet remorse, our hero goes to Piston Peak National Park to redeem himself and perhaps find a new meaning in life.

An interesting narrative is enriched by a picturesque gallery of unusual characters, which will reveal a new dimension of life to the former champion. It was also made as a dedication to firefighters, people who risk their lives every day, bravely and selflessly saving other people’s lives, material goods and natural resources. If we keep in mind that a good part of the shop is located in a pleasant ambience of a picturesque national park, the impression is that we have worked here to raise the level of environmental awareness.

Of course, the ambitious team of filmmakers made an effort to portray some other human traits in a fun way, such as e.g. egoism, greed, and even pure malice. He did not neglect well-known virtues such as solidarity, altruism and courage. It also has a bit of a love spice, although it served more as an initiator of likable humorous sequences. Generally speaking, the cartoonist has a very cheerful spirit, exudes optimism in the sense that unity and good teamwork can overcome many, at first glance, insurmountable obstacles.

Quality animation, created as a result of joint cooperation of studios specialized in the production of animated films, is definitely one of the main trump cards. This was followed by a solid synchronization, where many actors, such as Ed Harris, Julie Bowen, Terry Hatcher or veteran Hal Holbrook, lent their voices to the sympathetic heroes. Great music is also worthy of praise because it has all musical genres and directions, carefully incorporated into every segment of the story.

What can be annoying, it stings the eyes a bit, is the very short duration, because without the check-out rush hour, it’s even less than 80 minutes. This spoils my impression because it suggests that everything is somehow artificially designed, to record a sequel in a hurry, as soon as possible and thus respects the established trend of stamping all kinds of franchises. No matter how justified it is, with the obvious intention of making quick money.

Therefore, it is stated that the sequel was made spontaneously, and then it is understandable that the lack of ideas is evident through the maximally shortened and essentially simplified narrative. It is logical then that qualitatively it still lags behind the debut. Okay, he’s not a bad cartoonist, because he provides solid entertainment and is able to drive away the pastime. Especially with the younger generation and the less demanding profile of the audience. The other thing is that there is no real magic that would bring us to a state of sincere enthusiasm and possibly dig deeper into our memory.