Ready Player One (2018)


Ready Player One is the latest achievement of the legendary Steven Spielberg. Some don’t even like it. They say pathetic, politics, this, that, but one thing no one can dispute. He is a true wizard, one of the high ranks of the supreme wizards of Pop culture. Deserved for many cult, indelible characters who promised childhood to generations, especially those from the 70s to the end of the 90s. Of course, even after that, the master knew how to surprise, and when it comes to sci-fi, there are few who have an equal. A spectacle for all the senses and ages, few people know how to prepare like him. Although he has been doing some serious topics more in recent years, it seems that the boy in him has woken up. First he made a fairytale BFG, and now he seems to have decided to completely untie himself and ignite with all his might. The story he chose is who ordered it for something like that, and it goes like this.

The year is 2045 and the world does not look great. Many cities have failed, shortages are great, and people find an escape from reality in a new world, a virtual one. Namely, the brilliant scientist created the virtual world of Oasis, which looks like a mix of all today’s online multiplayer games and social networks. You can take the avatar you want and wander around the endless worlds built by imagination. There’s no thing you can’t do there. Thus, 99% of people live there, earn, gain and lose. However, with the death of the creator of OASIS comes a big change. The master would not be what he is if he did not leave a posthumous entanglement. Namely, somewhere in Oasis, he hid the prize, the Easter Egg, and whoever finds it will become the majority owner of the entire Oasis. That’s how madness begins…

How to describe this movie? From which side, generations, preferences? From whichever comes to the same. A complete cinematic experience with all the popcorn. For all of us fans, fans, geeks, freaks, this is an all you can eat restaurant. The feeling when we turned on the first spectrum, atari, commodore. They played video games on coins, watched cult classics for the first time, and then fought, swords and chased each other on the street. They got a T-shirt with the sign of Batman, Superman, and a masked ball suit. They watched their favorite movies with their friends and retold them while they lasted. They uttered remarks by heart. Crazy with the mega hits of that time, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming. All of that, for all of us like that, this is a set of all those feelings.

Same thing for new generations. Games, effects, movies and music may have changed, but that feeling is the same, no matter what fuel propelled you. Thus, the whole idea of ​​the film is close to the new generations, the virtual world, the connection that today’s kids make by playing MMORPG all day long. The same goes for everyone else addicted to one or more social networks. So everyone can find something for themselves, and many of us all. That is why Stephen, as I said, is one of the supreme magicians of entertainment for all ages and senses.

Such is the film itself. One big buckwheat, made up of perfect pieces that together deliver top-notch cinema entertainment. Spielberg-level effects. Technical perfection in every way. Visual attack on all receptors that declare capitulation without discussion. The music, with the old cult hits, perfectly breaks through all the sequences and raises the adrenaline to the maximum. The story is well thought out, with the right pace, great exciting accelerations, plots, reversals and an effective ending. The whole set and mix of adventures and video games, with solving quests and searching for hidden treasures, is a complete success.

The characters are well thought out, acted and, most importantly, fun. Humor permeates throughout the film, it is not forced and dosed exactly as it should be. And, finally, the Easter egg, as the main prize and many of the same eggs or, let’s say, never again in one movie, for a special atmosphere. Some scenes make a real madhouse, bringing all fans and film fans to delirium. Radiance mode – simply ingenious. There’s not a single part of the film that hasn’t thrilled me, so even this drooling of mine (you’ll forgive my expression) is more than justified.

This is a film for all fans of Pop culture, all generations growing up on magical classics from the late 70s to the late 90s, but also for new generations of multimedia and social networks. A movie with a million and one references to a movie, song, group, comic, video game you like. With a multitude of hidden dreams and desires of each of us who truly live the art of film. For all dreamers, film lovers, gamers, musicians – everyone in the squad will find something for themselves. In addition to a lot of fun, it also carries a deeper message, depicting society then and now. Escape from reality into some imaginary world. From problems to the land of dreams.