Tejas (2023)


For many of us, the prospect of a film release by a celebrated artist like Kangana Ranaut is a highly anticipated event. Her stellar performances have left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry, and her upcoming movie “Tejas,” in which she portrays an Air Force pilot, is no exception. However, the actress recently shared that, although she isn’t scared about her film releases, she does experience a sense of anxiety, primarily due to the negative public relations (PR) that frequently accompanies them.

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In a candid conversation with Times Now Navbharat, Kangana revealed that her anxiety usually peaks on Thursdays and Fridays, which are often the days when films are released in India. It’s not the film itself that unnerves her, but rather the relentless barrage of negative PR, critical opinions, and unkind words that seem to surround her movies. Kangana firmly believes that the scrutiny and criticism directed towards her work are much harsher than what other films face.

She highlighted a recent example to illustrate her point. When films like “Ganapath” and “Yaariyan 2” failed at the box office, the response from the public and media was relatively subdued. However, when it’s a Kangana Ranaut movie, it’s as if the floodgates of criticism are flung wide open, drowning her films in an ocean of negativity.

“The films that came last week, unfortunately, they couldn’t work. But nobody made fun of anyone or bad-mouthed anyone. Nobody dissected those films. But when it comes to me or my films, such bad things, such unpleasant words are said, that maybe your ears will start bleeding. Itni gandi gandi news aati hai (such bad news surfaces) that I naturally worry about these things. PR mafia is my enemy, and I don’t have any PR either,” Kangana expressed.

The actress also shed light on how, even when her films achieve impressive box office figures, they don’t always receive the coveted “hit” label. According to Kangana, detractors find ways to undermine her successes. “When my films do a business of Rs 100 crore, they say the film’s budget was high, so this can’t be counted as a hit. And, if it doesn’t do a business of Rs 100 crore, then they spread fake news about it,” she added.

As the release date for “Tejas” approaches, Kangana expressed concern that the film’s success might be misrepresented by those with ulterior motives. She stated, “The film has already been sold, but there will be ‘fake news’ about its success. They will spread fake news, twist the numbers and fool common people as they don’t understand these things.”

This unrelenting negativity in the media takes a toll on Kangana, who often receives calls from well-wishers who inquire about the controversies surrounding her. She worries about how their perception is shaped by the constant stream of negative news and the impact it has on her image as an artist.

“I get calls from well-wishers that so and so has happened, and I wonder what kind of things are being fed to them. What kind of perception is being created? Such things demotivate me. I am an artist; I will definitely keep getting work. But when it comes to your image, it affects you,” Kangana shared.

“Tejas” is set to hit the screens on October 27, and Kangana Ranaut’s fans eagerly await the release while hoping that the focus shifts from negativity to appreciating her talent and dedication to her craft.