The Greatest Showman (2017)


An exceptional team was gathered. From producers, screenwriters, actors. The film was produced by James Mangold, a famous producer and director (Logan, The Wolverine, Cop Land). The screenplay was written by Emmy winner Jenny Bix (Sex and the City, Rio 2) and Oscar winner, director and screenwriter Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Chicago, Gods and Monsters). Only the director had his debut and it can be said that he did a very good job.

Making a musical, no matter how hard I try, is an extremely difficult job. Combining music with every movement is like making a two-hour music video. It takes a lot of effort, teamwork and perfect timing for everything. Better said, a great conductor is needed for the composition to be performed successfully to the end. That role, in his debut, was taken by Michael Gracie and he did great in it. As proof, there is this really great film and story that will make you laugh and happy. And it starts like this.

It starts with the boy P.T. Barnum, who in front of the store wore an imagination about a great performance in the center of which he himself is. Returning to reality, he realizes that he is a poor boy, the son of a tailor, who can barely make ends meet. One day he meets Cheriti, a high-class girl. From that moment on, P.T. he sets out on his dream, resolutely and unwaveringly. The years go by and he is getting closer to fulfilling his dream. However, once he fills it, another comes, then another, another, and with them great fun and adventure…

The Greatest Showman, despite many reviews, manages to be what he wants, and that is pure fun, which will make you happy. Guided by the well-known motto P.T. Barnuma and the team behind this film made a film for the masses. A film where everyone will find something for themselves and, in the end, come out of the show smiling. A film that highlights some universal stories about dreams, friendships, differences, success and failure, about what really matters in life. Stories about racial, class and all other divisions and social problems and topics. However, he does not go deep into any of them, and yet quite enough for each visitor to find something for himself. In the manner of the Greatest Showman and his performances, they are all baits and small scams, in order to attract the audience and under that auspices, in the end, he entertained and made them happy.

With some of these lures, you are served a top-notch spectacle. In an explosion of bright colors and lights, infectious songs, unusual characters and incredible depictions and stunts, everyone will remain enchanted by this magical world. In all this rhapsody of strangeness, every visitor will be drawn into the magical world and enjoy it to the fullest, no matter how much he may have hesitated and resisted at first. What will drive you for almost two hours and accompany your entertainment all the time is phenomenal music. Every musical, including this one, is based on songs chosen to follow the story or, better said, to be a story. Here, each one is special, strong, addictive and completely in the service of the story and the entire film. The choreographies that blend in with these notes are phenomenal and a pleasure to watch. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

In order for the whole show to succeed and the audience to be satisfied, impressive protagonists and entertainers are needed, and this one of ours has plenty of them. There are many of them, and each one is special for itself. A magnificent set of differences in one place, and yet each of them wants the same. Home and the opportunity to see him as equal. It is on that stage that each of them gets it, becomes happy and becomes part of the family. Just like any family, like any show, this one must have a head and a director. Someone who, with his charisma and strength, will keep everyone together, guide them and give them much-needed courage and strength.