The Hunger Games – Catching Fire (2013)


For a couple of days I was hesitant about how to write a review because I had no inspiration. Many cited so many flaws in this second part of the popular franchise that I wondered if I had missed something, so I watched the movie again. The first time in the cinema, the second time on the computer. What can I say, except that my positive impression is even stronger and that most of the negative comments are unfounded, because this film adaptation is exactly as it should be – an unfinished bridge which is just an introduction to the third book from which two films will be made and which will bring final resolution.

The second part continues where the first one stopped. As the winners of the “Hunger Games”, Katniss and Pete return home briefly to prepare for what is to come, as well as all previous winners of the Games – a one-year tour of all districts. However, what the two of them unconsciously did with their victory, gave people hope that things could change for the better, will start to haunt them like the worst nightmare.

Apart from the change of the director from the first part, which is a positive change, because his predecessor Ross lacked intensity and dynamics, this film also brings a much better Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence in his role, the more noticeable Pete, as well as very dynamic and tense. a film without idling which, although not rounded, is a very good, improved and in-depth introduction to the following sequels. Also, this film, although it does not seem so, is very complete in its conception and is synchronized in the sense that it brings a much stronger lesson and message.

The teenagers presented here do not have time for the everyday problems of their generation, here they are fighting for a bare life, for a better tomorrow and I become we, which is a perfectly arranged item in the film and which has its weight in today’s world. The new director of the franchise is Francis Lawrence, who is known for directing videos of famous singers, but also a couple of films, of which I’m Legend, Constantine and Water for Elephants. He does not lack creativity and, since the gentleman has already been chosen to do other sequels, I sincerely hope that he will stay up to the task entrusted to him.

Of course, the most impressive in this film is the young Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence. She showed again what an ideal heroine is, she is brave, strong, honest, and at the same time so fragile, sensitive and you can’t take your eyes off her because she is also physically attractive. There are two scenes in which she was more emotional than she should have been, in my humble opinion, and except that she was great. Josh Hutcherson was very good in the role , who in this sequel offers a new twist to the love life of the main character, but only illusory, because there is no emphasis on bland romance, they do not have time to think about their love and their lives are at stake . Josh in this sequel reveals his strong emotions towards her in many situations. The rest of the cast remained almost the same except for a nice refreshment from Jena Malone as one of the contestants who had her five minutes of film and the always great Philip Seymour Hoffman who will have his role in the sequel.

To conclude, this is not an ordinary, stupid and dull Twilight type blockbuster as some think or claim. This is a great, seemingly ordinary, but very profound achievement that is only a picture of general life today. No one wants to scratch under a shiny surface (nor the film cover) at least a little, because even one individual can make a small, millimeter difference and draw a ton of people who would help make perhaps a huge difference that will bring some changes for the better. This film is a mirror of what society is like today, metaphorically it brings to the viewers, who find it difficult to think that some of us do not differ much from some as they are presented in the film, that most situations in the film are actually a counterpart to some new problematic situations . Maybe that’s why there is so much condemnation and spitting on the film, because many people don’t like the real picture of themselves.