The Other Woman (2014)


Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook) is directing a modern, urban comedy in which the renowned Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation has invested an impressive $ 40,000,000. Melissa Stack is signing her screenwriting debut, which comes as a variation on previously covered topics. Just to illustrate, I will emphasize that he has references to the hilarious comedy that appeared under the title The First Wives Club, back in 1996.

The story gets complicated the moment the handsome lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) finds out that the man in her life Mark (Nikolai Coster-Waldau) is actually already married. Mark’s injured mistress and cheating wife, Kate (Leslie Mann), realize after the initial misunderstandings that they have so much in common. For example, both women crave revenge. The man who played them must bear the consequences, so the two of them, with a lot of enthusiasm and inflamed passions, start preparing various tricks for him. Švalerčina thus gets into an unpleasant situation and has to taste the other, bitter side of life. A new shock will follow when they discover that Mark has another mistress (gold reserve), the enchanting 22-year-old Amber (Kate Upton)…

A dynamic, hilarious comedy, with a lot of humor, beautifully designed gags, in which female characters have the main say. The steady rhythm of the action brings this slight tension while male-female relations are strained, thus achieving the basic goal – winning the audience’s attention, and the female population logically gets strong arguments to openly support the three main female characters, expressing sympathy for different women. . What unites them is women’s solidarity, which will gradually bring them closer while they are on a common task and transform them into good friends until the end. Since everything here is subordinated to light entertainment, it is understandable that not all important protagonists are adequately portrayed, so all that was superficially done.

Accordingly, the narrative itself is essentially shallow, reduced to well-known male-female shootings. The director resorts to the established, clichéd depiction of tortured and poor (of course also naive) women on one side, opposed by a ruthless male chauvinist on the other. The well-made casting significantly improved the overall picture of this drinking comedy. The main merits belong first of all to Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, because the two of them in a way form the backbone of the whole story.

Okay now, the choice of beautiful model Kate Upton is debatable, but the goal was to get exceptional beauty embodied in a youthfully innocent and simple-minded girl (you don’t take the latter literally), so the character Amber mostly justified the purpose of appearing on the movie screen. The impression is that the role of the main villain Mark did not exactly suit the Danish actor Nikolaj Koster-Waldau (we remember him from some dark thrillers of Scandinavian production and GOT). OK, he tried to interpret the swindler on an acceptable level, although he obviously lacks a little spirit here.

Regardless of the fact that he does not pretend to offer us a fresh, original concept in the comedy genre, I think that this female madness has its charms and that it still deserves a chance. A lot of humor (the down-to-earth, infantile one above all) will definitely affect your mood. If we look at things from a brighter point of view, then there is a possibility that this kind of humor may even bring a smile to your face. Undoubtedly, it provides a relaxing, optional form of instant entertainment, which is essentially the purpose of any well-made comedy.