Triangle (2009)


When we first encountered the movie Triangle, we had no idea what to expect. This film is not particularly promoted, and also everything indicated that it was nothing special, especially because it was obviously shot in a slightly weaker production, with more or less anonymous actors. In fact, the only well-known actors in this film are Melissa George and Liam Hemsworth, but even those at that time could not yet boast of some lavish careers. However, despite everything, “Triangle” is the perfect proof that a film from a lower production can be just as good, if not better than many high-budget, maximally promoted films. What’s more, “Triangle” has become one of our favorite films in the genre of mystery with elements of horror, thriller and science fiction, and we believe that it would be a real movie treat for all other fans of the same.

The basis of the film’s story obviously alludes to the Bermuda Triangle, although it is not mentioned at any time, except for a yacht called the Triangle, which is symbolically associated with this phenomenon known to all of us. Also, the environment and circumstances in the film point to another story about this probably the most mysterious place on the planet, known for stories that are very similar to this one in this film. A bunch of films have already been made on the topic of the Bermuda Triangle, and it is an additional praise for this film that it managed to approach this topic in such a refreshing way, after we thought that everything had already been said about it.

The film follows a group of six people who go sailing. After they find themselves on the open sea, a mysterious storm suddenly comes and overturns their ship, where one member of the crew immediately disappears. The remaining five, after some time, find salvation in the ship Aeolus, which also mysteriously appears suddenly. However, it soon becomes clear that something strange is happening on Aeolus, as well as that there is no crew on board. The story then focuses on Jess (Melissa George), who realizes that everyone is in a vicious circle that repeats itself. The name Aeolus (Aeolus), which the mysterious ship carries, is actually the name of the wind god from Greek mythology, Father Sisyphus, whose story I believe everyone knows, which also very symbolically indicates the situation that Jess falls into.

The story in the film is very complex and dynamic, and just when you think that you have grasped all the threads and understood what it is about, the film throws you into a state of confusion again. As in time travel movies, there are paradoxical moments in this story that could be discussed indefinitely. In fact, it remains unclear how the story begins and whether it has a beginning at all, because Jess eventually kills the original self from some kind of past, which further complicates the story. With the death of Jess from the past, it is concluded that Jess is from the present time independent and that she exists only within the framework of a repetitive story, without end and beginning. During the film, Jess has deja vu moments, which means that she remembers something, but not completely. However, the end of the film indicates that she is again consciously embarking on an event that repeats itself indefinitely, in order to save her son, who dies at the end of the story.

Apparently, “Triangle” only makes sense within some of your own rules, which if you don’t understand, you can hardly digest this story. So, the film definitely requires a certain intellectual effort, which if you are not ready at the moment, we suggest that you better postpone watching this film for another time. In any case, no matter how intellectually sharp you are, “Triangle” will surely leave you with some doubts related to the story, so we do not recommend excessive banging of the head in search of an acceptable conclusion, because it simply does not exist in our world.

But no matter what, this movie is worth every minute and we definitely don’t want you to miss it.