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7 Days in Entebbe Online Movie Trailer

Published on 19 Nov 2018 / In Action

The film, however, goes back to a somewhat closer history dating to 1948, an event that took place in 1976 when a group of Palestinians and Germans took the plane and took hostage passengers and demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners. But only stupid people of disagreement and conflict deal with the war so in this case the Israelis. But neither the Palestinians are anything better, they want revenge for the killings of innocent victims and new victims. And where are the Germans in the whole story? They want to strengthen the position of a revolutionary cell in Germany that is on their knees, so they have joined the two Palestinians in this act, so that they will have a number of revolutionaries on their side with their "heroic" engagement. They are not even called terrorists but idealists, so many times they repeat that no one will be killed during the kidnapping. And in the whole story are the victims and Jews who destroyed the Nazis during World War II, and now only a few decades of hell of Holocaust are back to the point of evil. That is why the Jews were separated from the mob this time for the first terrorists (Palestinians) to be sacrificed.

The film follows the tense political situation in Israel headed by Prime Minister Jichak Rabin, who is shaking his chair over a series of scandals, and then Defense Minister Shimon Peres is awaiting a chance to take over power. That part of the film is perhaps the best and most memorable because the Peres strategy, which will later be the most logical, even the most brilliant, Rabin does not want to accept it because he knows if something goes wrong that he will answer it. It is well known that the Israelis do not negotiate but resolve all the disagreements with new conflicts, but they have managed to fool the Palestinians briefly and persuade them in their goodness. But as soon as your friend / acquaintance is the infamous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, it is clear that your intentions are not so good. However, Dada is good at the side with which his position in the public can be even better. Though behind all these are bloody hands.

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