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Published on 30 Nov 2018 / In Science Fiction

The year is 2020. The world is in ruins. Everything is lean, and the only survivors live in silence. Sound is the greatest danger, because with sound they come, and their arrival means end. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Li Abot (John Krasinski), with their three children, are trying to survive in the new world. They made their little world and strict rules. In addition to this, the great tragedy will shake up their mutual relations. In order to deal with the challenges of the world, they will have to overcome those in their family ...

A Quiet Place is a complete work by John Krasinsky. The famous actor signs the director, script and interprets the main role. So, I can say freely, to get another versatile film artist from whom, judging by this film, we can expect a lot. His work on this project results in a primarily excellent film, and then, which is perhaps more important, gives the horror genre a special dimension and draws the way for the future of the film. It is a great asset, perhaps the strongest weapon of horror film, sound, as the essence to create an overall atmosphere that keeps it from beginning to end.

By changing the nature of the same, he subtly leads us from drama to horror, while telling us the story and emphasizing everything he wants us to do with this film. A greatly conceived story where sound or absence is the same element around which everything is spinning and everything is created. Special changes when in deer reggae versus others, pull us deeper into the atmosphere of the film and get in some way POW (Point of Wiev) mods to watch, i.e. We listen to the world with her eyes / ears.

How much has it all been well designed and done by witnessing the atmosphere in the cinema. As I started the text, quietly like never before. Everyone in the movie theater is fully drawn into the film, they do not make any sounds and they all endeavour to stay. So many bags of chips, popcorn and everything left unlocked to the end of the movie. At one point I was wondering if the hall was responding to my chewing Kviki-Grica. I have to admit, I have not experienced such a thing in the cinema so far, and this is an unequivocal proof of Krasny's good work.
In addition to the fact that A Quiet Place captures all the atmosphere, it has much to offer. The story itself hides much, and everything is directed to the family, people, parents. Even when the world breaks, the family has to stick together to survive. If we are here for each other, if we love each other, we can all win. At such moments it turns out who we really are and what we carry in ourselves. Then, we will clearly get the answer to the question of who we are.
In the wake of the sci-fi / horror apocalypse, a story about people and family is wrapped up, what matters. And this human drama fully approaches actors with our characters, absolutely convincing and sincere. It is not known who is better. Red, phenomenal Blant or brilliant kids. Special praise for young Milisent Simonds, which is actually deaf. Although there was opposition, Krasinski was investigating that the deaf actress was getting a role, and she gave him the best possible way, a great role.

A Quiet Place is a great movie, an excellent horror. The one who has the atmosphere, who caught you from the beginning and does not let go. Permanent tension, abdomen in the stomach and jumping from the chair is sure to get you. Excellent Krasinsky's entire work that opens new roads for the genre. The acting team is worthy of praise, a story that holds, captures and phenomenal sound is more than enough for a trip to the cinema. And there is something unusual about you, silence.

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