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Black Monday Online Movie Trailer

Published on 13 Apr 2019 / In Action

Black Monday is a showtime showtime show, which comically monitors events ahead of one of the worst crises in the world stock market, when the stock market fell by more than 500 points. Wall Street was a wild and chaotic place during the 1980's, and this series is designed to remind you of those years and to the drunken team of people who work there, but also to deliver a little mystery to you with heavy curses.

The series opens on October 19, 1987. and the suicide of a man who landed on the Lamborghini from a high building. The countdown begins a year before the accident, and in the center of the event is a brokerage firm headed by Mom Monroom (Don Cheadle). He started from nothing, and today he is full of love and fear and tremble at Wall Street. The main contributor is Down Darsi (Regina Hall), with whom he once was in a romantic relationship, and his main business plan was to take over the majority of George's shares.

On the other hand, is Blair Pfaff (Andrew Rannells), a new face in the world of stock markets, followed by a good reputation for the algorithm he has designed. He comes to Wall Street where he is waiting for a number of job offers, but he will accidentally find Moo and his cocaine bag. Mo threatens that anyone who employs Blair will deal with it, which automatically means that job offers are going down. Moe, however, piles on him and Blair becomes his protégé.

The events in this series are completely fictitious, although it is true that even today it is not known what caused the decline in the stock market, and many believe that the cause lies in the software store. The producers of Set Rogen and Evan Goldberg did not intend to make The Big Short, which is a comic, but also a more detailed overview of the stock market collapse. Here's a comic picture of a mixture of Trading Places and The Wolf of Wall Street, which means it's not too much involved in explaining the event, but around the comedy, which is fun and addictive, if you are a fan of this kind of humor. The screenwriters obviously enjoyed presenting the greedy and immoral behavior of the unreliable stars of Wall Street, but they left room for occasionally to suggest that there was a deeper meaning below.

Although the series opens not a very happy scene, the story develops with a lot of joyful enthusiasm, and under the curses and cocaine it is hiding the emotional side of our characters. Everything revolves around Morris, who is greedy and without morals - Don Chiddl presents him as very charismatic and charming, but also dangerous, because at no point we do not know what he has intended. Occasionally he seems to be essentially emotional and lonely, but he is followed by such a reputation that behind every move he stands for the benevolence. I think that his loneliness is a conscious product of his goals, and to what extent his appearance is comical, his actions are so suspicious.

In addition to him, there is a colorful team of characters who are trying to create a name on Wall Street, to meet their needs or to find happiness, which constantly escapes them. It is common for all of them that their precondition for fulfilling their wishes is a large amount of money, which is their priority in relation to everything else. The most interesting character to me was Doun, whose only inadequacy is the inexplicable attachment and dependence on Mo. She is the best broker, her goal is to win the exclusively male world of Wall Street and her story itself is a nice material for her series. Each actor interprets his characters with great enthusiasm and enjoyment, although they are either one-dimensional or stereo typically misogynistic men.

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