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Born in China Online Movie Trailer

Published on 05 Aug 2018 / In Documentary

Born In China is a Disneynature documentary adventure that has emerged as a fruit of the collaboration of Walt Disney Studios and the Shanghai Media Group. The film through the stunning and never-before-seen recordings is the spectacular wildlife of China, its icebergs, forests and other natural beauties. He was directed by Lu Chuan, and has stories about three animal families: the women of the endangered snow leopard trying to raise their cubs in one of the most cruel and most undeniable environments on the planet, then the story of the panda of the female and her baby, which is raised at moments when the cub begins independently investigate and look for independence, and a story about a two year old golden monkey of the nose that feels rejected by family feeds and joins other monkeys who feel similar. The viewers are on a journey to the most attractive, but also the most extreme natural ambiences that exist today on Earth, and shows the most intimate moments ever recorded in a movie about animals.

Up to now, thanks to Disneynature projects, three million trees have been planted in Brazilian forests, protected areas in the Bahamas and Kenya have been established, and some 130,000 wild chimps have been protected in natural habitats. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of Disneynature and various other institutions, numerous national parks in the United States have been restored, some 75 plant and animal species are protected, while in Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, protected monkeys and other endangered animal species in their natural habitats. Born In China, in co-operation with the World Wildlife Fund, aims to protect Chinese wild pandas and snow leopards.

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