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Published on 17 Apr 2019 / In Thriller

The story follows a tandem detective made up of old guard Bret Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and his younger partner, Anthony Lurassetta (Vince Vaughn), suspended due to excessive use of force in one action. The suspension worsens their bad financial situation, so the outraged Ridgeman decides to take matters into his own hands in order to collect all that is not in previous years.

In addition to the two, we are also following Tory Kittles, who is released again after the time spent in prison. He comes home and remembers that his mother and brother live in misery, which will lead him to crime. A longtime friend acquaints him with a ruthless criminal, whose plans for Henry directly conflict with the detectives. We do not find out immediately why Henry ended up in prison, but we will realize that even then he was the victim of a wrongly oriented selflessness, to express it so.

Although this movie has the main driving force of violence, I can not say that it is exploitative as Brawl and Cell Block 99. On the other hand, it is similar to it because the author most often shoots frames with a calm camera and no sound when it is expected. In both cases, it is impossible to abduct the nihilistic impression that the works leave, as if the author has such a view of the entire humanity - the human beings are divided into predators and prey, which is certainly not too comforting. Dragged Across Concrete has no positive effects because each accomplice in the violence that takes place, and this violence from the simple becomes almost grotesque, without any warning.

What I liked was that the author does not ask us to sympathize with the characters, but we want to understand what made them to the decisions they made. At first glance it is all about money, but under the surface there is a strong need to make things better, not for them, but for people with whom they are close. Their methods go beyond legal and moral boundaries, but everything is understandable to us because of the motive that moves them - we do not have to love them, and the author does not intend to like them.

Dragged Across Concrete possesses a straightforward, simple story, but a thriller is made, which puts criminals on one side whose actions are almost inhuman, but to other people who do not shy away from violence, but their goals are human (or at least they have the appearance of humanity). Zaler maximized the use of authorial freedom and pulled the film into nearly 160 minutes, which I did not take as a minus. The plot arrives quite late, but at that time we are familiar with the motives of three characters, we understand their life situations and observe the routine supervision of the detective. Except for the scenes with them, we are witnessing totally inhuman ventures of criminals, whose cruelty knows no boundaries.

Wins Von scenario for this film showed Mel Gibson on the recording of Hacksaw Ridge, who immediately agreed. The two are interesting to watch and are finely complemented. Mel's character is mostly expressed in terms of odds and likelihood and is ready for potential horror, while Mel's character has a certain purity of character that is not ready for what will happen. Donor Johnson, Jennifer Carpenter, and Udo Kier, who are in my expectations, are too small on the screen.

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