I Still See You Online Movie Trailer

Published on 12 Dec 2018 / In Thriller

The story of the movie I still see you demonstrates to young girls all the dangers of communication and trusting the wrong men. On this trailer, heroine Bella Thorn is faced with a large number of specially crafted hypocritical hypocrisy, which is simply reduced to an uncertain Gothic girl with unusual Gothic girls. frozen sadness in appearance. On the one hand, a "gothic" princess Ronnie is recognized in the class rightfully in her own opinion, on the other hand - she is just an incarnation of power in search of truth all the time.

Scriptwriter Jason Fuchs ("Wonder Woman", "Peng: The Way to Netland") intentionally focuses on the asexuality of the main character, for which Kirk's love is on tangential land, but for about an hour and a half before Ronnie's appearance, the representatives of men who are entitled to wider meaning to be invited to her fans. But that is why there is a sense that Ronnie has such a powerful charisma that all those in the neighborhood sometimes just do not know exactly how to behave with that girl. However, Fuchs's script can not be completely successful, and in some episodes, the main characters show great material on the screen, whether it's a suspense, during a basketball game where the whole school is present, or going to a restricted area and getting to know the city with the rest of the different epoch-capable daily loops for life days and weeks

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