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Love, Simon Online Movie Trailer

Published on 30 Oct 2018 / In Action

Coming of age films, subgenres of drama dealing with growing up, will probably never lose popularity, for the simple reason that it returns us when it is rare for one of us to like to return - when we were carefree, when we discovered ourselves and when for the first time, certain things happened to us. Such films are usually quite charming and emotional, but they do not have too much room for maneuver and originality.

The main protagonist of the movie Love, Simon is Simon Spier (excellent Nick Robinson), a seventeen year old who does not stand out too - has a group of friends, caring parents and acts as a totally ordinary teenager. However, we soon discover that his situation is a bit more complicated, because Simon from his surroundings keeps him gay. As a result of circumstances, he becomes in contact with Bla, an anonymous student of his school, and starts a correspondence with emails. These emails will lead to Simon begin to discover himself, but he will begin to fall in love ...

The screenplay of this film is based on the best-selling actor Becky Albertalli called Simon against the plot of homo-sapiens. The author's team is really good, bringing together the famous producer and director of the super heroic series The Flash, Arrow, and the scripting duo of the great series This Is Us. Considering the original material and the team he has gathered, Live, Simon can be interpreted as a revolutionary - mainstream romantic comedy, charming and sensual, focused on the romantic goals of a group of teenagers, with a gay character in their center.

The sexual orientation of the protagonist is the primary focus of the film, but the story does not only deal with it. Simon wants a normal life and takes care of the changes that will inevitably happen after finishing school and going to college. Above all, he wants love - from his family, his friends, and, if he can publicly reveal what he has understood four years ago, from a guy whom he may never have met. Since his friends are reasonable and close, and the parents of a great heart and open mind, Simon's fear is not due to any rejection, but more because of a sudden change.

Love, Simon is a film of a great film studio that, for a wonderful miracle, the gay character does not use as an assistant to the main hero, as a source of joke or as an outsider. Simon is the hero of his own story, as a good guy who tries to balance himself between the real himself and the guy he knows the environment and whom he expects a crucial moment of life. It is easy to connect with such a character, and therefore has the potential to change someone's minds. Through their correspondence, Simon and Blu work on courage to take on the tough but necessary steps to change in their lives.

Their correspondence, i.e. its detection will lead to a number of complications and sources of conflict. However, the good thing is that they will be linked to the way in which Simon communicates with the world, his suspicions and hopes, and how he changes during the duration of the film. As a source of the conflict, Logan Miller, who is among the many sympathetic characters, is generally regarded as a disgusting, grotesque parody, mostly because of the simple fact that there is nothing that anyone can like on him. Even less I like his role in the plot, because he adds conflicts of a story that is itself a burden.

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