Ready Player One Comic-Con Online Movie Trailer

Published on 30 Oct 2018 / In Science Fiction

The latest movie of Steven Spielberg Ready Player One is the cellular adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel novel, telling the story of a distinct society in which people see salvation only in the utopian virtual reality game called OASIS. The virtual world of OASIS in 2045 is full of references to the film history of the eighties, a variety of pop culture references to the company of those years that Spielberg "consumes" badges so that it is impossible to count them all and suddenly. OASIS was created by John Halliday (Mark Rylance), a kind of version of Steve Jobs who after his death left hidden hidden keys within the OASIS that lead to what is called "Easter Egg" in games and movies which will conclude the search and bring the winner to control OASIS. The closest was to teenage Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) after he found the first key, while Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) and his army of IOI (Innovative Online Industries) were wounded by the heels. Artemis (named after Greek goddess Artemis in Olive Cooke's interpretation) and Aech (Lena Waithe), assisted by Wade's avatar Perzival (named after the mythical traitor of the Holy Grail) in OASIS.

Escape to virtual reality through seventh art Spielberg performs with festive omnipresent references to movies that marked the 1980s so that Watts avatar Parzival drives De Loriana from the Back to the Future trilogy, the Art3mis engine from Akira, and Aech that is capable of repairing a breakdown at any minute where Iron Giant works in his workshop ... And that's just the top of the saint of the "movie" ice served by Spielberg and script writers Zak Penn and writer Ernest Cline himself.

Spielberg's virtual reality of the OASIS is depicted in the right direction of all-encompassing color and glittering light, depending on where the scene takes place, while the scenes in the real world, those with real humans gray and dark just like life's protagonists. And maybe there was only one thing that would have to blame Spielberg in such a great contrast, though it was a little obvious that he himself was the director and insisted on such duality. Blurry and sparkle over gray and dark colors. Special visual effects and CGI are in perfect symbiosis with actor play, while photograph by Janus Kaminsky, the director's "home" director of photography, has been able to "frame" the performances in front of the camera and mounted by Spielberg's also permanent installer Michael Khan (rapper Sarah Broshar).

For the music podium, John Williams had to be in charge of the usual custom, but the master had to stop composing the music for Spielberg's Ready Player One because he was busy working on other projects. That the perfect substitute for Spielberg has come to the attention of composer Alan Silvestry has already been evident since the beginning of the film. Silevestrian music accords with the soundtrack that makes hits from the eighties: Van Halen's "Jump", "You Make My Dreams" Halla & Oates.

The only actor of Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke as a pair of kids fighting for the real thing is quite convincing, as in the avatars themselves - Art3mis Cooke's looks like he was emerging from Cameorn's Avatar, Perzival Sheridan as Marty McFly of Zemeckis's Return to the Future, Mendelsohn Nolan as a villain from the (new) Star War - as well as in their human form. Spielberg has produced a beautiful dedication to some of the old movie times, for those, now it seems, and probably the truth, when the movies were filmed with the heart.

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