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REMEMORY Online Movie Trailer

Published on 04 Sep 2018 / In Mystery

Under Remembrance, Penelope's A Series of Unfortunate Events remembers science, superstition, and supernatural to a place where a man will find the horror but also the truth he seeks. EW today released the first trailer and poster for the film.

The motion of the film explores the undiscovered death of Gordon Dunne (Martin Donovan), a visionary scientist whose body was found after he discovered the invention of his invention, which he can extract, record and display a footage of man's memory. Gordon's wife, Carolyn (Julia Ormond), retires to her house after this disastrous event and interrupts any connection with the outside world when the mysterious man (Peter Dinklage) appears. He steals a famous device to break the mystery behind Gordon's death, beginning with exploring the memory that led to an unexpected and dangerous place.

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