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Robin Hood Online Movie Trailer

Published on 16 Dec 2018 / In Action

In order to list all the film adaptations of the legend of Robin Hood, we need a much larger space than the one allowed in a single review, which means an investigation of the worlds scale, and that the thing is even more happier, the latest iteration of the famous exorcist who plundered the rich and gives it to the poor, according to the popular New Millennium Hollywood canon, it represents (or should be) the attempt of a potential first-rate blockbuster franchise. And just like those supercile comic-film adaptations of Marvel and DC, the new Robin Hood is essentially a story of the heros becoming, the so-called origin story.

Not only have we seen such a thing from Hollywood, but also from former British filmmaker Ridley Scott who, eight years ago (2010), tried to trick the movie audience with the same thing as the director of the new Robin Hood Otto Bathurst. Scott has accessed material with a good amount of sufficient realism (and failed), while Bathurst Robin Hood has a superficial romantic note wrapped in a colorful cellophane Hollywood blockbuster attempt. (If an attempt by the blockbuster will be judged by a weaker grip on the box office and bad criticism.)

And how is the oldest Hollywood tradition to make the old story a new outfit, the scenarist duo Ben Chandler and David James Kelly in the new Robin Hood not only did not offer anything new and original, from too vague and predictable situations, but they What we are accustomed to in the story of the nobleman Robin Loxley (Taron Egerton) who returns from the Crusades and finds his country in ruins, convinced it incredibly. The sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn) persists in taxing his subjects, while the mysterious robber "Hood" (Egerton) eases this same money and gives it to those from whom he was initially taken and taken - the poor. Lick Maura (Jamie Foxx) whom Robin calls John in this version will serve as a kind of "trainer" who will train Robin to be as skittish and more skilled with the bow and arrow in the a la Rocky montage sequence. Robin's love Marian (Eve Hewson) found the other, Willa Scarlet (Jamie Dornan) with whom she secretly works in the efforts to free the tyranny of the sheriff from Nottingham, and of course there is also Tuck (Tim Minchin) as a help.

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