Sausage Party Online Movie Trailer

Published on 02 Aug 2018 / In Animation

The main character of the movie Sausage Party is Frank, a cheerleader who dreams of buying someone someday and will leave the supermarket in that way and go to the vast spaces hidden out of the shop. However, after finishing the mistake away from the rest of his package, Frank will take an upside trip from one end of the supermarket to another, revealing a terrifying (and quite dark) truth about his own existence. Will the rest of the supermarket succeed in discovering the truth and persuading their colleagues to revolt against people? This unusual and unique animated comedy was recorded for $ 19 million, but only in America's impressive $ 32 million in the first week of screening, it certainly hit the top of the list of the most profitable films recorded in the last decade. To date, the film has earned nearly $ 100 million in the US, and in the rest of the world $ 40 million.

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