Second Act Online Movie Trailer

Published on 16 Dec 2018 / In Other

Second Act is a romantic comedy in the style of Maid in Manhattan and the humorous classic Working Girl. The main role is played by Jennifer Lopez, a 40-year-old Maya Vargas, who has been a fan of the Big Box store for fifteen years and is struggling with frustration as a result of her unfulfilled dreams. Warts change from the moment when they start to examine their life decisions and change their lifestyle to prove that college titles and diplomas are not crucial to success. With the help of a fake diploma, a false CV and a false Facebook profile, he has the opportunity to prove himself on Madison Avenue (a place that has been home to many advertising agencies throughout history, and since the 1920s it is synonymous with the US advertising industry and a symbol of advertising ideas). The only problem is that she does not know absolutely nothing about the new job, and she must seriously work on her own style ...

Leah Remini portrays Joan, Lopez's best friend, and in the lead roles appear Milo Ventimiglia and Vanessa Hudgens.

Second Act was directed by producer and screenwriter Peter Segal (50 First Dates, Get Smart, The Longest Yard) according to a script written by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Justin Zackham.

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