Shot Caller Online Movie Trailer

Published on 21 Aug 2018 / In Drama

Crime thriller / drama Shot Caller was directed by screenwriter and director Ric Roman Waugh, famous for the great Criminology drama Felon of 2008, drama Snitch and drama The Who Which I Destroys Me documentary from 2015. The main roles appear in Lake Bell , Nikolay Coster-Waldau and Jon Bernthal.

Jacob Harlon is a successful financier who lives a perfect life with his family and wife Kate. It all disappears one evening when the ride in an alcoholic condition ends with the death of his best friend Tom. Accused of murder, Jacob is sentenced to prison where he is surrounded by heinous criminals. In prison, his life soon turns upside down and is forced to do unimaginable things to survive, so he becomes a member of one of the prison gangs. Upon leaving the prison, the boss leader forced him to carry out a dangerous job on the streets of southern California ...

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